Easter Bonnets, Florals, & All Things Spring – It’s WIWW

Do you dress up for Easter?

Another hairdo I can manage on my daughter. It takes a long time, but it's just a bunch of twisties. If you spray the hair so it's damp when you twist, it will survive anything without falling out.

We do.  Except last year.  It was the year of the ugly Easter.  In all fairness, I tried.  I really did.  It’s just that I waited until the last-minute to go look for a dress.  I put on a hundred, found one I liked, and then decided it was too expensive.  That’s the day I became an Easter renegade.  I wore something too old and too casual for a resurrection celebration.

You see, I own a lot of dresses, it’s just they are mostly casual cotton dresses.  The kind you wear with flip-flops or sandals, not the I could totally top this pastel ensemble with a bonnet and toss eggs from a basket kind of dress.

I have one turquoise dress with little pink flowers, a gingham ribbon belt, and a matching cardigan sweater.  It’s my old faithful.  That dress has seen at least 6 or 7 Easters, but someone shrunk it.  Must have been that broken dryer of mine or something.  I just can’t seem to breathe in it anymore.  Actually, I don’t think I can zipper it, but you really don’t need all the sordid details.  I just folded old faithful up and put her at the top of the closet.  I am confident she will see another Easter, but until then, I bought a new dress.

Yes sir-Ree.  I prepared early this year!  If you know me well, that is nothing short of miraculous.  I have a teeny-tiny habit of waiting till the last-minute.  It’s a terrible shortcoming and I’m not proud of it, but this year is different.  I have an outfit for Easter and so does my daughter.

This is What We’ll be Wearing – Easter Edition.

ModCloth Garden Tour DressI did two things I do not normally do.

1.  I ordered a dress online.  2.  I spent more than $20 bucks on it.

I do not regret ordering this Garden Tour dress from Modcloth.  I love it!  The fit is very flattering for my body shape and it has charming little birds tucked into that floral print.  I assume this dress will be my go-to Easter dress for the next few years.

Notice it’s floral?

Are you digging the flowery rage in fashion this spring?

I’ll be honest.  It scared me to death at first.  I had visions of my great-grannies closet in my mind, but I’m embracing the bouquet look, little by little.  FringeKid and I will be bug magnets.  Why not?

After I bought the dress, I realized I didn’t have any shoes to wear with it.  It’s a universal female problem, as I understand female problems.  I ordered these Miz Mooz shoes online, because I never find really cute shoes at my local stores.  I found these on sale on Amazon.

Miz-Mooz Lacey-t-strap Pump

I am officially in-love with Miz Mooz shoes.  They are pricey, but I got these for almost 1/2 off the going price, so I’ll consider it a score.  They are SO comfortable and not even difficult to walk in.  I think I could wear them out and about all day without a problem.  They do run 1/2 size small, so size up if you ever buy a pair.  They have adorable shoes.  Adorable.

FringeKid will be wearing this cute dress from The Children’s place.  I wish I could make the photo larger, but we’re stuck with the thumbnail.   She’ll also be wearing these cute sandals from K-mart.  She’s super-spyched to wear these shoes, because they are “high-heels”.  She’ll be very sophisticated.

The best part is…

I think she may wear this hair for Easter.

We’re going to Georgia for Easter!

I can’t wait.  We’ll be spending Easter at my aunt’s house and my brother, sister-in-law, and my two adorable munchkin nieces will be meeting us at my aunts.  We haven’t seen them in forever!  I’m so glad my kids get Easter week off for their spring break.  We’ll also get to visit with my husband’s family while we’re away.  It will be an exciting week.

So there you have it.  I still need to find my son an outfit and FringeMan is stuck wearing something he already owns.  He has no female chromosomes so he doesn’t mind a bit.  Thank God!

What about you?

Do you and your family dress up for Easter?

Do you have any special plans for the holiday?

Have you risked shopping for yourself online?  How did that work out??

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  1. meganzietz says:

    how adorable is that hair!

  2. You both are going to look just beautiful! And I still remember my first pair of “high heels!”

  3. The floral dress is Easter perfection. We dress up too and our little girls LOVE special hair dos. I’ll have to give the twists a try. Thanks for sharing your style on Monday Mingle.

  4. I haven’t had a new Easter Dress since I was a kid. What memories. Maybe I ought to treat myself this year, just ’cause!!

  5. Dress up? I am happy if the kids are alive. I have to force them into nice clothes unless it is my daughter. She wants to wear sun dresses in the middle of winter. As for me, I have a skirt to finish.

  6. Love the hair!

    • Thanks. When I took it out, after she slept on it a night, she had a crazy afro. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I quickly threw it up in a messy bun. I didn’t have time for her to wash it before school. It’s all worked out, but she told me, “that hair scared me!” :-)

  7. How fun! As a kid we ALWAYS dressed up for Easter and got new clothes. I’ve been horrible about it with my own kids, though. I never wanted to spend a bunch of money on boys’ clothes I knew they would never wear again. When my daughter came along, I got her new Easter dresses until she decided a couple of years ago that she didn’t like dresses anymore. I think I could talk her into one this year, though. On another note, I LOVE those shoes!!!

  8. Love that dress, went right to Modcloth (which I hadn’t heard of) for a look around. Maybe you should seek a commission…

  9. We don’t dress up for Easter (our church is very casual), but I do like to “look nice”….and your reminded me that neither my daughter or I have a thing to wear! And we’ll be going away for a week and coming back the day before Easter, so I have no time to shop! Ugh.

  10. 1) Your dress is gorgeous!!
    2) Fringe Girl’s hair is adorable!!
    3) We Do dress up for Easter. =) This year, we’re we’re all wearing the same dresses/suits that we’re wearing in my sister’s wedding on Friday!
    4) Here’s the link to that striped dress. It’s from a company in the UK, I think… http://www.fashionunion.com/sale/green-closet-stripe-dress/invt/ldrd3086grn/?siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-5P_iLp3yYcXB0uhJ2Ru87A&utm_source=LS&utm_medium=affil&utm_campaign=generic

  11. I’m headed to New Orleans for Easter!!! Me, myself and hope I see the Easter Bunny there!!!
    Have awonderful day!!!

  12. That’s interesting – Husband keeps talking about coming home for Easter which of course he will be (from the nursing lodge), and his excitement is contagious. Your post got me all excited about it too – thanks.
    BTW – I want your daughter’s hair!!!

  13. I love your dress! It’s so cute. You and FringeKid will put us all to shame in your Easter finery. :)


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