Every Time I Go Picking

Picking Berries

I’ve been doing a lot of picking lately.  All of you will be glad to know it’s not nose picking, but rather berry picking.

I get into a zone when I begin to pick.  The world falls away and it’s just me and the berries.  Well, the other day, it was me, the berries, and my son talking into my ear, but still there was peace in a weird way that maybe only a mother could understand.

My eyes never left the blueberries.

I could be a regular migrant worker if I set my mind to it.

berry picking

So maybe I’d be a migrant worker who dressed funny and drank fancy black cherry cream sodas, but still, I know I could do it.

If only I didn’t have such allergy/asthma problems, I may go work on a farm and pick corn by the kernel.

Set me to picking and my crazy comes out in full bloom, total OCD.  I wish I could find such focus when I was cleaning my house or writing, but no, it’s reserved for picking – just my luck.

See those pink rain boots I’m wearing?

They double as farm boots when needed, but the point is that I ordered them online.  Over the past couple of years I’ve ordered myself a handful of clothing items too and today I’m sharing my best tips for finding the perfect fit over at Fancy Little Things.

Now I also ordered my daughter a pair zebra striped rain boots, but hers barely fit, so they are being returned for a bigger size.

I don’t think this mishap discounts my tips, because my kids are suddenly growing by the day.  I think it’s all the fresh air and sunshine.

Come visit me at Fancy Little Things for your Guide to The Perfect Fit.  I’ll see you there!

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