Fanciful Parties

FringeKid, my youngest, turned 7 Sunday and we had a Fancy Nancy party.  If you haven’t been introduced to Fancy Nancy books, click HERE. 

Fancy Nancy dresses in feathers and frills, uses language that includes words such as stupendous, and decorates with a flair (the kind that gets shot in the air to signal distress).

Fancy Nancy Glasses

Fancy Nancy Glasses

On Long Island parents don’t have “house” parties.  All birthday parties are catered and hosted at elaborate kiddie gyms, activity centers, and let’s not forget my favorite, “The Young Chef’s Academy.”  Now that was a party!  I’m single-handedly bringing back the house party and all games that include rolled-up socks and clothes-pins.  My parties are actually a novelty and EVERYBODY loves my dollar store decorations.

Our Fancy Table
Our Fancy Table

 I’ve discovered the secret to making time stand still.  Listen up!  It may also be the key to weight loss and the cure for insomnia.  INVITE 10 CHILDREN OVER.  They managed to make 2 hours feel like 8 hours of hard labor.

presenting princess Annaliese

My daughter invented a fanciful game called decorate the birthday girl

A word of caution:  NEVER give 10 children handfulls of tinsel, pink or otherwise.  I have tinsel strewn from the toilet to the table and everywhere in-between.

in all her Regalia

in all her Regalia

One gift took center stage.   Oohs and ahhhs coursed through the crowd as the first layers of wrapping were pealed back.  The giver beamed with pride.  This gift will leave me forever wondering who left the puddle on my floor.
the gift from TV

the gift from TV

It’s a dog that pees!  Apparently children everywhere have been coveting this lifelike plastic dog.  I couldn’t be happier.  Another pup to piddle on my floor.  A shame they don’t piddle wax and buff with their hineys

crowned queen for a day

crowned queen for a day

“Did you survive?”  A skeptical mother questioned upon pick-up glancing curiously through the house.

Wiping perspiration from my brow (yes, I used deodorant today) and straightening my shirt, I put on my best mommy smile and gloated over a fantastically stupendous fancy party.

Happy 7th Birthday Annaliese!


  1. Anne says

    I love Fancy Nancy too!!! How nice for Annaliese get such a fun birthday party… She looks so happy! I just found out that is selling some of the bedding too. It is ultra cute.

  2. says

    Your hair is so cute! I’m jealous you have access to New York stylists. :)

    We’ll be entering the Fancy Nancy stage in a few years, but I’m sure there will be some other character that’s all the rage then.

    Happy birthday, Annaliese!

  3. says

    The girl is not camera shy! Looks like a fun party to me! This from a girl who had a party every single month of the year I turned 40! Good times! ~Mindy

    • thedomesticfringe says

      PJ, I’m good on the deodorant…REALLY. I buy it in bulk! In fact yesterday I used two different types. I reapply throughout the day.

  4. says

    Pretty, pretty party! And I’m not even a fan of pink.

    Happy Birthday to the big girl!

    (Glad you remembered the deoderant. Just knowing you put it on somehow makes you sweat less, no?)

  5. says

    What a fun party! I agree with you about 2hours =8 hours of labor, but just like labor, it is all so worth it! I love that last picture. She is a beautiful little girl. You have to elaborate on the cake – How did you make it?

  6. says

    Your fancy nancy party was superb. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love to decorate and scrapbooking is my huge hobby. I wondered how you found my blog? It sounds like we have much in common.

    • thedomesticfringe says

      The “G’s” came from Ebay. The rusty one is very old and the lower-case “g” is from a hospital’s “Urgent Care” sign. I think it’s cool too!

  7. says

    I LOVE that book. Looks like the party was a total hit!! How fun!
    Somehow, I think Fancy Nancy parties are not going to happen around here! Thanks for letting me live thru you all!! :O)

  8. says

    Oh! We LOVE Fancy Nancy. I almost got us… erm, I mean them… a Fancy Nancy board game I saw at Target, but decided against. Why? I don’t know! But the party looks to have been a smash. Great job, Mom, and Happy Day to FringeKid!

  9. says

    Not only will it take 10 lbs. off but you’ll feel 10 years younger! Don’t roll your eyes at me. To have a house alive with kids is worth pulling tinsel out of the dog’s hiney!! You’ll just have to trust me on this one. Happy Birthday Fringettte! Debbie

  10. says

    Another good place to hold a birthday party for a bunch of kids is outside! Not in NY in the winter though! :-)

    We had small parties, inviting a friend over for cake and ice cream, stuff like that.

    We have had a few bigger parties too. Some indoors, and some outdoors. The outdoor ones were when we lived in Florida.

    It looks like your little girl and her friends had a lot of fun!

  11. SYDNEY says

    I am loving your posts. At several points throughout you will find me giggling, and I think I even snorted a time or two. It sounds like you had a great day –the pictures certainly prove that. And if you have lost 5 lbs tomorrow morning, I think I may need to throw 10 kids a party at my house to repent for a sugar and gravy laden holiday season.

  12. says

    Happy Birthday Annaliese!

    My Abby loves Fancy Nancy. She seems to be a perfect role model for the primary girl set.

    So Mom:
    Tinsel everywhere, huh?

    We had my 40th bday party in Sept of 2007. My clever friends sprinkled black “Over the Hill” confetti pieces on all the tables.

    FIFTEEN months later, I’m still finding that confetti in all corners of the yard.

    I hope you like pink streamers… :)

  13. says

    Happy birthday, Annaliese! Just remember, the best years to drive your parents crazy will be when you’re a teenager. Take it easy on them until then so you don’t blow your chances of getting a car!

    The Texas Woman

    • thedomesticfringe says

      Cher, what are you talking about? A car???? I never got a car!!! I was lucky to get to drive the beater without brakes and a door that wouldn’t open. Don’t be giving that sweet girl any ideas…she got a skooter for Christmas. That should last till she’s old enough to get a job.

  14. Evergreen says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew you could survive!!! Where did all that grey hair come from though??? JUST KIDDING!! You are going to bring back an old trend. Good job!!!!

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