Finding Space for Creativity

My husband loves me.

Know how I know?

The other day when he was rewiring a 200-year-old house, he took down a little light fixture and walked it over to the dumpster.  Just as he was about to toss it in, he thought, “I should save this for my wife.  She would like it.”

So you girls can keep your flowers and chocolates.  I’ll take my vintage light love any day of the week.

I’ve been thinking that I need to carve out a little niche in my house and make it my “office” space.  I love using the kitchen island and all, but I really would enjoy a more private, inspirational space to doodle and twirl my hair write and create.

My house doesn’t have much spare space, but eventually, I’m going to make this happen.

I’m thinking my niche needs a parson’s metal desk like this one.


With a cute red chair like this.


And a bubble glass lamp like this.


I know I keep going back to Dr. Suess colors, but I love them.

Then I’d throw some bookshelves up on the wall and have FringeMan install that cute little vintage light under one of the shelves, so the light would shine down on my books and piles of papers and other assorted junk.

I may even throw a cookie jar like this on one of the book shelves, only I’d fill it with M&M’s.

picture taken by me in Barnes & Nobles

And then I’d be inspired to write a New York Times bestseller.  Or at least a good blog post. :-)

Do you have a special place carved into your home where you work?

Or do you sit at the kitchen table like me?

Thank you FringeMan for thinking of me.  I love my vintage light so much that I’ve created an entire space for it to live in.  Aren’t you excited?


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    Love the light fixture! Love the potential office, too! I think you should be an interior designer. You’re so creative!!!

    We have an awesome office upstairs that used to be a storage space. It has a giant built in desk, huge windows, built in drawers for files. It was supposed to be Adam’s private space, so I ordered little caduceus drawer pulls. Neither of us ever uses the room! I like to write on my laptop on the couch, my kids do their homework at the dining room table, and even as I write, Adam is doing paperwork on the kitchen table.

  2. says

    Girl, that light fixture is DrEEaMmYyyyy……..FringeMan is def a keeper…!
    Love the color scheme on your dreamspace, too. One of my fave spaces to create is on a large board across the arms of my recliner. My supplies on a side table. Comfy, but productive and near hubby while watching tv. The best of all worlds.

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    We are fortunate enough to have a home office with three (count’em) dedicated workspaces. We each like to have our personal piles of stuff and important things — and the stuff would have taken over the house. This way, if it falls off our desks we know it is time to sort/clean up!
    Love that light fixture!

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    I love your new light fitting. We don’t have too many 200 yr old homes here in Australia. Our country just isn’t that old (in terms of European settlement). But yes, a home office that is yours and yours alone is what I dream about. I currently work in the lounge room and have no space and no privacy. Perhaps that’s why I’m not on the NY Times best sellers list as well!

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      I’d love to visit Australia! Old homes aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. The idea of them is quite romantic, but they are generally money pits. I speak from experience on this one. ;-)

      No doubt we’ll be on that bestseller list one day. Keep up the good work!!

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    He sounds a poppet! My hubby brought me home a pile of bricks he found by the rubbish bins! He knew I would proably have a use for them…and I did!

    My space. I have a whole room to myself :) But I actually feel more inspired to write when I am on the beach looking out to sea!

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    That light is TEN times better than candy and candy is really good! You’re a lucky woman.

    For the longest time my writing space was a vintage armoire in which I had put a pull-out shelf for my laptop. Worked for me!

    Keep writing and keep that good hubby!

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    I have what is ostensibly a sewing room, but I tend to LIVE in this place. Hubby calls it my cave. I have my computer, my sewing machines and fabric and big old rocker recliner. Music too, if I’m so inclined. Big windows to look out at the birds. What more could a girl want? (Except perhaps a waiter to bring me food once in a while!!) :) Hope you find your spot one of these days.

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      Sue, your space sounds delightful! Love that you have big windows so you can bird watch while you create in your cave. If you find a personal waiter, have him send his friend my way. Better yet, have him send a cook over! :-)

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    That’s a gorgeous light. Lucky you.

    (I write on the sofa, my bedroom floor, at a table in Panera, etc. Any place where my kids aren’t is the perfect spot for writing.)


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