Fire Ignites On The Domestic Fringe

“We’re shaken and slightly hungry, but thankful to have caught it early.”  Said FringeGirl shortly after evacuating her home.

A small oven fire ignited Saturday morning at One Friendly Fringe Lane.  Flames burst into existence during the preheat cycle of the FringeFamily’s oven filling their house with smoke.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation; however, firefighters believe an overstuffed turkey pot-pie was the culprit. 

Reports of turkeypot-pies leaving grease stains on oven floors have been prevelent since November.  A fireman was overheard mumbling something about the great turkey explosion of 2006.  Apparently the fire department has a counseling unit devoted to post-holiday stress caused in part by too many turkey fires.

No injuries were reported and FringeGirl is confident her oven survived unscathed.  Oriana, the FringePup, is being treated for smoke inhalation. 

Promising to use the self-clean option more than once a year, FringeGirl thanked local fire-fighters and promised cinnamon rolls made by Feona.


Late developing statistics show FringeGirl’s “good cooking cycle” to be officially ended.


The Domestic Gazette


  1. robinaltman says

    You know, those chicken pot pies are evil. I was once mugged by a chicken pot pie on the streets of New York. Luckily, I just kicked it in the crust and it gave me my purse back.

  2. Evergreen says

    Glad to hear everyone is okay, but I can’t help but think about the burnt popcorn at 2AM. Was the precedent set way back then??

  3. says

    My oven stores large platters that won’t fit in cabinets. And I have one of those pizza stone things in there. But, it’s a rare occasion that the oven acts as anything other than storage. Dust could ignite, huh? Glad all is well! ~Mindy

  4. says

    Nothing good ever comes from cooking….that’s why I avoid it at all costs. (and confession time – I freaked out at the title of your post. I’m scared to death of fire – glad no one was hurt.)

  5. says

    Oh, dear! Maybe the Red Cross will put you up at a local hotel! Or maybe someone from the FringeCongregation will offer ya’ll their spare bedroom. Better yet, pawn the kids off on the FringeCongregation and you and FringeMan take the hotel room.

    See? Sometimes fires can be a good thing!

    The Texas Woman

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