Friday Chats

Friday Chats are kinda like fireside chats without the fire, although a fire would fabulous, because it’s a little cool this morning.

I feel like I need a day to catch-up with you guys.  You know, the kinda day where I just ramble about life and then you leave a comment and ramble right back at me…kinda like old school blogging.

You in?

So here goes…

Friday Chats - Our time to Catch Up

Last week was a little crazy in these parts.  My kids were off for Spring break, and it was kinda yucky out most of the week, and they were antsy, and I started a new job, and it was Easter weekend….


Let your imagination run wild while you’re reading between the lines, and just imagine how happy I was when school started back up on Tuesday.

Can I just say that I love my job.  I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I am working in a library.  What could be more perfect than working in a place filled with books?

Besides, FringeMan always said I look like a librarian.   I told him that was kinda like calling me Velma.

Yesterday this little four year-old girl was hanging in the children’s section while her mama was doing other stuff.  After a while, I could see she was reaching the point when sweet little girls turn into crazed book throwing women, so I intervened.  We sat down and read books and practiced writing the alphabet on paper.  Then I talked her into looking at The Pioneer Woman’s new holiday cookbook with me, because I was getting a little hungry.  I figured entertaining the child would be easier than cleaning up the children’s section after she pulled every single book off the shelves.

Anyway, right before she left, she took a Scooby-Doo DVD down off a shelf.  She brought it over to me, pointed to Velma, and said, “That’s you.”

cartoon velma


Now I kinda feel like I was destined to work in the library.  Just call me Velma from now on and bring me some Scooby-Snacks.  Kay?

Speaking of food, I’m about to make Edie’s Creamy Chicken Tortilla soup, but I need to run to the store for a few of the ingredients.  If you haven’t tried any of her soup recipes, you really should.  She’s a wonderful cook.


And, now, because I feel it’s my duty, I shall bore you with a Friday Instagram dump.  I don’t know if all of these pictures are from this last week.  Who can remember?  I warned you it was a crazy week.

Ice-Cream Truck

When I shared this picture on Facebook, someone said that when they were a kid, they thought ice-cream trucks were only on television.  I’m here to tell you, New York likes its ice-cream trucks.  If you ever want to buy an over-priced milk by-product on a stick, the ice-cream truck is your place to get it.

Ice-cream from the ice-cream truckThis was was mine.  I couldn’t resist.  It was sunny and felt like spring.  We celebrated the beginning of good things (and high temps) to come.

Do you think it's my color?Do you think camo is my color?

We’re having a bit of a fashion crisis in my house these days.  My kids have no summer clothes that fit (except the new outfits my mom bought…thanks mom), my husband’s clothes are so threadbare, they are almost see-through, and I’m down to three short-sleeved shirts for summer.  I do see a grand shopping spree in our future.

I think I’ll pass on this ruffly wonder though.  My loss.  I know.  It just looks a little heavy for July.

FringeBoy with new specsEvery single time I post a picture of my son, my aunt calls and blames me for cutting his hair crooked.

For the record, I paid money for this haircut, and it’s not as crooked as it looks.  Or maybe it is, but whatever.  Angled hair is in style, isn’t it?

art suppliesHappy DayHand-Stamped Linens

We used these hand-painted linens for Easter, even though my mom was worried about ruining them.  They washed perfectly.  No worries.  I know some of you asked how they washed and the answer is wonderfully.  Washer-dryer-done.

FringeKid ReadingNutella Cheesecake Cookie Cups

If you missed my Nutella Cheesecake Cookie Cups, you must try them.

They taste as good as they look.


FringeKidsraging riverEaster Eggs in painted flower potSweet Frog Frozen Yogurt

My mom brought us to a brand new (to us) place called Sweet Frog.  I’m in love!

This place is SO cute.  I should have taken pictures of everything, but I was in a sugar coma after eating this, and yes, I ate it all.  I’m as bad as the kids.  If you have a Sweet Frog near you, go!  It’s so fun.

Happy Easter Sidewalk Chalk Art

Now it’s your turn.  Let’s catch-up.

Tell me what’s been going on in your life, because, this Friday chat thing only works if you “chat” in the comments.  If you have a blog and would like to host your own “Friday Chat”, please leave your link in the comments.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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  1. says

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog, even though I’m not as frequent a commenter as I used to be. Life just seems to get crazier every year, and though I still read blogs, I often don’t take the time to comment. Shame on me!

    Anyway, loved your post and pictures. I worked in the library as a teenager–it was one of my jobs at boarding school. I loved it! Especially since I could re-card the books being turned in and see that I had actually read loads of them as an elementary student. I would love to go back–nearly 30 years later, and see how many of those books are still there!

    As for my week–it was crazy! I think last Friday was the last day I was at home all day–maybe–and I was recovering from jet-lag from our recent trip to Scotland. And I see no end in sight until Monday at least. I am a homebody, so going out every single day is NOT my thing. But in spite of that, it has been a good week.

  2. says

    Friday chats, what a lovely idea. I have miss that you do this. I wrote a rambling post. We had a catch up week after a wonderful trip to Seattle to visit dear friends. Travel back was fine but were we tired! Amy was sick so we went to the doctor. Not strep or mostlikely not type B flu. That’s good. My afternoons have been cooking early dinner to accomidate afterschool schedules. Dance theater rehersals are grueling. Good thing they are HS’ers. JIm and I went to 3 places to find dinner tonight, in the rain. Guess the economy is perking up here. A good thing. We have a prayer breakfast in the morning here and I am on line writing comments! Have agood weekend.

  3. says

    Gavin had his first baseball games this week. He is filling in on a 9 year old team (he’s 6). His first game he didn’t play, but got to be a pinch runner. He was super stoked and the most serious base runner I have ever seen. His second game he got to hit once, but struck out. He said he was too cold to swing…haha. Let’s see…I made some yummy things in the kitchen, visited friends, took some walks, and worked. Nothing terribly exciting to blog about! I am going to make the chicken soup though – using Greek yogurt instead of cream and no jalapenos – I’m not a spicy girl. I am an ice cream girl though, so when I visit we must put that on our to-do list!

  4. Ann S. says

    I have had a rotten week. I work as a cashier for Walmart Neighborhood Market (please, everyone, no Walmart- bashing…I like my job and love my store). Anyway, I found out this week that I made a big mistake that cost our store a large sum of money. I feel AWFUL, so incompetent. Now I have a bad cold, which is probably part of my just desserts for being a twit. Blech. Maybe next week will be better…….right?

    • says


      I’m sorry your week has been so lousy. Chalk it up to a mistake and try and move it. We all make them from time-to-time. We’re human after all. I’m sure you’ve done many wonderful things at work that more than made up for your mistake.

      And, I go to Walmart ALL the time. Probably more often than I would like. Sometimes I feel like my paycheck should just be direct deposited to Walmart. You know?

      Feel better and hope your weekend is wonderful!

      • says

        I was at Walmart today. The cashier was quite nice, as most are. No doubt you would be included with them…nice. Important ot me as a faithful customer. As one who has worked in retail, I made my share of mistakes too.

  5. says

    You have my dream Job! Although I started off life going to school to be a librarian, I never made it there so now I just go and lurk around the young adult section with my daughter hoping they don’t say I’m to old to read those books :o) No, really I do trust my daughter to pick out books and most of the time we fight over who gets to read them first. She’s a good picker (she picked a bottle of wine because it was pink and it turned out to be one of the only wines I like)

    I love reading all of your posts, you have a gift of making the every day incidents hilarious and interesting.

    One day I will post more on my blog (maybe after having 4 girls under 9 and 3 over 11 this weekend for a birthday party, I’ll have some cool stories.

    Happy Friday to all!

      • says

        Good idea! Although her book reviews would be pure comedy if she doesn’t use spell check. P.S. I just won our current battle and finished the books before her. haha! Competing with an 11 year old is my style. :-)

  6. Karla Smith says

    I always enjoy your chats/blogs. What a great job! I love the library and never go because they are closed by the time I get off work. My all time favorite place besides the library is a bookstore like Barnes & Nobles… I have to get a chai tea and sit and either read on my NOOK or find something interesting from the store and sit and browse. There isn’t a bookstore in my town..I have to go an hour away to get to one. So it is not as often as I like. I dream of having a room full of books… I don’t have the space in my house and right now I don’t have a larger house in mind nor have the time to think of one yet. I am (at age 50+) working on my degree..Late beginner but I am enjoying myself better now than if I had right out of high school. So the book room is a faraway wish..I am happy right now that I have hundreds of books on my NOOK…and my IPad… and the internet. I will never get them all read. Maybe if I ever retire I can.

    I love your sense of humor and look forward to all your blogs!! (When I get time to read them)

    • says


      I think it’s awesome that you’re in school. Good for you! Our library has great hours. I think pretty much everyone can get there at some point in the week. I love that. Makes it accessible to everyone. I love Barnes & Nobles too…and it’s too far away from me for my liking, but not quite as far away as yours. Enjoy all those books on your Nook.

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