Friends – Heaven Sent

I had just moved from New York to Maine.  I loved the foreign and frigid land that Maine is, but I was still in a bit of culture shock.  I went from city to the boonies in one giant move.

I felt a little like I was on one of those shows where they drop a guy off in some remote place and he has to struggle to survive off the land.

We had a giant field and then woods behind our house.  The woods led to a frozen pond.  It wasn’t always frozen, but it seemed like it.

I was convinced axe murderers lived in those woods.  The nights were so quiet, you could almost hear the snowfall and the days, well, they weren’t exactly bustling.

I was young, out of my element, and I had a new baby.

We joined a church and they did something crazy quirky (at least in my mind).  They had a tent meeting.  They set up a great big circus-like tent right out in a field and held services.  They don’t do that in New York City.

We layered our clothes, wrapped the baby until only his eyes were visible, and went to church.  In a tent.  Outside.  In the cold.

They brought a speaker in from Texas and he was all kinds of wild and weird.  I hardly understood a word he said.  For a moment, I doubted those sitting around me understood either; however, the Spirit works in mysterious ways and that night under the tent, He worked.

The preacher implored people to get right with God, forgive their neighbor and his barking dog, and love the world to Jesus.  He said, “If anyone has anything to say to someone else in this tent, go do it.”

That’s my translation of his words.  I’m sure what he said had more Texas Baptist flare to it.

A woman slipped out of her seat and came to me.  At first I was confused.  I was new, surely no one had a problem with me yet.

She slipped one arm around my shoulders and asked, “Tricia, will you be my friend?”

I was shocked and moved.  Of course I said yes, all the while shedding a few tears.  The Lord knew I needed a friend at that moment.

She was the pastor’s wife and is one of the best examples of a good friend I know.  She loves people unconditionally with a selflessness that is both genuine and rare.

Her friendship through all these years has been heaven-sent.  In fact, my daughter just received a letter in the mail from her yesterday.

If you have even one good friend, cherish that person, cultivate that relationship, and thank God for that person.  Friends are heaven-sent.

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Do you have a friend that is heaven-sent?  Tell us about that person in the comments.

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  1. Melissa says

    I think I know who that friend is and she is one of my heaven sent friends too! God is always so faithful to send us what we need!

  2. Mom says

    with so many miles seperating us, just knowing she was in your life eased my mind. i am thankful to her too.

  3. says

    So glad God gave you a friend that day. So thankful you shared your story becasue when we share stories like this of someone responding to the Holy Spirit’s ministry to in tune minister to others is so very encouraging and hopefully, spurs all of us to do in kind.

  4. says

    Yes! Cherish those friendships and work hard to cultivate meaningful ones that will encourage you and speak truth into your heart! LOVE this, Tricia.

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