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You may or may not have noticed that I have been a bit distracted from blogging in recent weeks.  I’m just not on top of my game.  Although I’m usually hovering alongside my game, I feel as if I’ve been dropping behind and I have an excuse. 

I’m fairly good with excuses and most often they are so far-fetched that they invoke one of two responses – people actually believe me because they doubt the depth of my imagination, or they just laugh and hesitently accept my outlandish attempt to excuse my mistake or indiscretion.

I once called in to work to alert them I’d be late, perhaps an hour late.  My reason?

I knew you’d ask. 

The doorknob on my front door fell out.  Not the inside part of the doorknob, but the outside.  I couldn’t get out of my apartment until someone came along and put the doorknob back into it’s hole.  Ridiculous?

Ya, I know it…don’t say it.

The truth is that sometimes life just happens to the best of us.  It can’t be helped.

Today’s excuse is pure truth.  I’m moving next month.

Dark Hair, since you asked nicely

Dark Hair, since you asked nicely

Before you start spreading rumors, I’m taking my husband, kids, and even the dog along.  This is not a solo flight.  The FringeFamily is relocating.  You know that house that was for sale in your neighborhood…

Just kidding, we’re staying in NY; however, we are relocating upstate, up where the snow is deep and the traffic is light.  We close on our new home next Tuesday.  My family laughed when I told them we were buying a house.  We have a history of purchasing homes that don’t include electricity, running water, or toilets.  Our houses usually take blood, sweat, and tears (not necessarily in that order) to make them livable dwellings.  This time is different.  We’re actually purchasing a home we can move right into. 

I hope that’s not a sign of old age.

So this week I will take a day or two to reflect on previous homes.  I’ll show you pictures that will make you glad you don’t live on the Fringe.  They are guaranteed to make you love your spouse more, enjoy cooking in your kitchen, and thank God for the roof above your head, leaky or not.

This week I will introduce you to the ghost of houses past, but some things are better saved for tomorrow. 

See you then.


  1. says

    Upstate like Rochester? Or upstate like not Rochester?
    Cause I’m hoping it’s Rochester so you and I can meet up for a cup of something the next time I’m at the In-laws………

  2. Evergreen says

    Welcome back to the dark side!! Looks great, as usual.

    Hey!! I love that Maniac house – it was fabulous!! Remember when we had torn the front completely off, Fringeman went to find wood to close it up, we were upstairs playing cards and someone or something ran across the porch. Your facial expression was classic!

    That house has GREAT memories!

  3. says

    Love your hair, FringeGirl. I know your town & church will miss you. Glad we can keep in touch on your blog.

    I can’t wait for your house stories. I’ve got a few, myself. Hmm…


  4. says

    Girl, you look like a baby in that photo! Too cute.

    The idea of packing gives me hives. Moving, now that sounds exciting…just not the packing.

    I’m willing to bet you’ve got some doozies to share…start with the one your mom alluded to!


  5. says

    What a beautiful picture! Congrats on the move … I think. I can’t imagine living in upstate NY but I think that’s because I’ve been in Florida too long ;-) Anyway, I can’t wait to hear all about it! I’m off to LA tomorrow morning to spend some quality time with my sister. Pray for safe travels and I hope your move goes well … God bless!

  6. robinaltman says

    The hair is adorable. I can’t believe you guys are moving! Now I’ll never be able to meet you in NYC! Wah!!! (Notice, it’s all about me, somehow. I’m an idiot.) Everytime I’ve moved in my life, I’ve become a slobbering, anxious, overwhelmed puddle of mess. You are taking this really well. I’m proud of you! I hope it is the most awesome move, ever.

  7. says

    Your hair does make you look younger. I wasn’t a believer ’til today.

    And the house thing…should be interesting to see what you guys have undertaken. Where we are now…it was something interesting when we moved in.

  8. says

    Love, love, love the new (or old) hair.

    Moving to a new home is great. We’re in our third and I always feel like it’s a fresh start. And you get to redecorate all over again. Fun.

  9. Mom says

    Oh no! You are going to post those homes you and FringeMan flipped. People will never believe you…Tell them the story of dangling from the “hole in the floor while pregnant” story.
    I like the hair.

  10. says

    Sooo, are you changing churches? What prompted the move? Aren’t you at a parsonage now? Moving is exciting! New walls to put holes in, paint, live with. Good for you! ~Mindy

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