FringeMan – An Introduction

It seems I’ve neglected to introduce you to FringeMan.  It’s because there’s just so much to say that I’m not sure where to begin.  I’ve been told by some that I use too many words, so they opt to enjoy my pictures.  For them I’ll use pictures to tell our story.


If you think I’m living on the fringe, you ain’t seen nothin yet!  That’s FringeMan language.  He ran into an old buddy the other day who was astounded by the change in my hubby’s language.  He asked if FringeMan had become a statesman or something…no, that’s what happens when you take speech and grammar classes.

Where do I begin?  As a boy, FringeMan entered life milking cows in upstate New York and transitioned to a Florida surfer boy.  After high school the cowboy boot wearing, southern twang speaking surfer moved to New York and endured the culture shock experienced by those not born with a Bronx accent. 


FringeMan joined a FringeBand…he’s a bit extreme.  It’s taken FringeGirl eleven years to convince him of this fact and at times he still argues the point. 

John - Lower Right Corner

FringeMan is the one with the zipped jacket in lower left corner.

Last year during a church meeting, a man stood up and called FringeMan a maverick.  Realize this is before it was en vogue to be a maverick.


Notice the street sign?  It’s got a church on the corner and everything.  How appropriate.

By day FringeMan was being apprenticed as an electrician.  By night, he was screaming angry rhetoric and bashing guitars.  For fun he hunted, fished, and trapped.  He enjoyed killing things…that’s another story.


When FringeMan was 29, in walked FringeGirl.  By this time the band had dismembered and John (FringeMan) was a seasoned electrician.  At first glance, he fell head-over-guitar for FringeGirl.  FringeGirl however, had other plans.  She was going directly to graduate school, getting an apartment in Manhattan, and marrying a suit and tie.  FringeMan, being the maverick that he is, changed her plans.

And they wed very quickly…so quickly some whispered it may be a shotgun wedding.


FringeMan played on their fear.

The FringeFamily’s lives have been a roller-coaster ride.  They’ve encountered frigid winds, dark nights, and the thrill of living on the edge.  FringeMan is now a pastor – what a story that is, but we’ll have to wait for FringeMan to make a guest appearance and tell his own story.

Enough words for today.



  1. Kelly Creason says

    Just popped over from Widow’s Christian Place. You have a wonderful blog and I enjoy your Fringe Humor. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the guys with the shotguns. THAT is hilarious to the nth degree. My husband made me laugh every day of our lives, and it is obvious God gave you and Fringe Family that same wonderful gift. I will definitely visit often. God’s blessings on the Fringe household.

  2. Chrissy says

    That was fun. I didn’t realize you guys got married fast. How old is John Cole again? Just kidding :) Oh yeah, the guy who called him a maverick, was that in anger?

  3. says

    Love this post!

    La Petite Belle told a sales clerk last week that her daddy used to be a rock star. (He had long hair and played bass … to her that was a rock star.)

  4. says

    That was a fabulous read. I bet the Maverick has a fantastic testimony to share. Would love to hear it. The photos are a hoot, especially the shotguns. Y’all are both too cute! Debbie

  5. thedomesticfringe says

    Mindy, I do hope you share your story!

    Robin, Let’s just say they don’t let my husband do the music in church. Just kidding…he plays a wide variety of music now.

    Jenn, I’m ignorant when it comes to blog etiquette. You can always email. Some people respond to comments and others don’t. I do sometimes. :)

  6. says

    You are hilarious. I love the pictures and the introduction to FringeMan. My Hubby and I had a singing pastor at the church where we met. Does FringeMan sing as well? If so, maybe it’s more common than I thought. Does he still play guitar? Do you play?

    Thanks for visiting again. I still can’t figure out if you want to converse and respond to comments, do you just keep visiting the comment box? Or is email appropriate….the whole blogging etiquette thing again. Happy Weekend!

  7. says

    Where do I start on this post? I loved it!!! The words! (Whoever told you you use too many words should be shot with FringeMan’s own gun. They are so, so, so wrong. Keep writing, girl. You’ve got the gift!) The love! (I’m so glad that the Maverick won this time.) The dead animals! (See? I’m not the only one!) And of course, your trademark humor, which apparently FringeMan shares with you. The pictures were great too.

    It’s 6:30 in the morning and I’m laughing out loud. You’re a great way to start the day!

    The Texas Woman

  8. Mom says

    I knew I lost FringeGirl to FringeMan one day when we were shopping for shoes. Here I am picking out these pretty black dress heels for her and she is holding up Timberland hiking boots! My jaw dropped and I knew they would soon be taking the FringeWalk down the aisle!

  9. robinaltman says

    I heart this post! The pictures are so awesome! I can’t believe FringeMan became a pastor. He should sing acid rock religious songs, now.. That would be rockin’. I’d convert – I swear. I’d become a rockin’ FringeJew.

    The picture of the band’s poster made me laugh out loud.

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