FringeMan’s Hillbilly Hell-Fire Venison Chili

FringeMan cooks!

Dare I admit that he did all the cooking when we first wed?  It was either that or we’d starve, because I definitely couldn’t cook.  Even Hamburger Helper was too complicated for me.

My brain harbored no venison recipes, not even in the deep recesses of my imagination.  Till today, FringeMan remains the venison chef.  I’m more than ok with that arrangement.

Hillbilly Hell-Fire Venison Chili


Ingredient List


* 3 pounds cubed venison

* 3 TBS butter

* 3 TBS vegetable oil

* 3 cans red kidney beans

* 2 cans crushed tomatoes

* 18 ounces tomatoe paste

* 1 can stewed tomatoes Mexican spiced

* 6 cloves garlic, chopped

* 6 Jalapeno peppers, chopped

* 1/2 cup red bell pepper, chopped

* 1 large onion, chopped

* 1 cup Jack Daniels Honey BBQ Sauce

* 1/2 cup water

* 4 TBS Franks Red Hot Louisiana Hot Sauce

* 3 TBS Worcestershire sauce

* 3 TBS chili powder

* 2 TBS honey

* 1 TBS oregano

* 2 TSP cayenne pepper

******** For a milder chili, subtract pepper seeds, hot sauce, and cayenne pepper to desired heat. ********

Heat a large pot and melt butter. Add oil


Chop onion and add.


Add chopped garlic.pressinggarlic

I’ve convinced FringeMan to use a garlic press.  If you don’t already have one, it’s a great time-saver.  Your fingertips also don’t smell like garlic for the following week.  That’s a selling point for me.


A garlic press also releases all the juices from the clove.  At this point, you can throw the venison chunks into the mixture and saute until all are soft.  After the mixture sautes, drain all remaining liquid.


Another overworked tool in my kitchen is our little food chopper.  It’s hand activated and doubles as a mighty-fine stress reliever.  You simply imagine the object of your stress (person or otherwise) underneath the chopper and hammer away.  Yes, a small bruise may appear on the surface of your hand, but it’s your reminder that you kicked stress (or insert person’s name) in the butt.

Now you can add these lovely peppers and ALL remaining ingredients.


Your pot should be full and resemble a volcanic eruption.  Have the Tums handy!  Your stomach will soon look like the inside of this pot and the gurgling noises will be the same.  God have mercy on you.


Simmer for several hours.  Chili should be very thick.  If too watery, cook without lid until the moisture turns to steam.  Promptly give yourself a facial.

If you don’t have hours to stand around the kitchen stirring chili and steaming open your poors, dump the mixture into a crock-pot and fa-getta-bouuut-it.  Remove lid for the last hour if using a crock-pot.


Serve up a healthy portion with shredded cheese, sour-cream, and antacids.  The antacids are a vital ingredient in this meal.

For the healthy attributes of venison, visit SnakeLover’s blog by clicking HERE.

Other meats of your choice may be substituted.

Good luck and enjoy!

Many thanks to FringeMan,


  1. Evergreen says

    You’ll have to save some of that for when Eddie & I come over – but it will have to be the HOT kind. :-) No garlic press for me, I love the smell of garlic and don’t mind if I smell like it. You can just pity those around me!

  2. says

    Yikes! That is some seriously hot chili! My tum is shivering in anticipation. Now for some chili info: if for any reason (and I can’t think of one) you want to make that be Texas chili, you would need to leave off the beans and BBQ sauce. Texans cook beans on the side, and stir them in, if at all. Isn’t that weird?

    On the garlic finger tips: my son told me to rub my fingers over stainless steel and the smell would go away. A Mario Batali trick, he said. It does seem to work, although I can’t imagine why!

  3. says

    There’s something about a man cooking……
    You luck girl you……

    Congrats…what did you win?!—NOW you can finally stop saying that you NEVER win anything! I think Stonefox gave it to you just so you’ll stop saying that!

    I saw a rooster’s head poking up on that table cloth! :-) Did I ever tell you the legend behind that “un-official” Portuguese symbol?

  4. Pat Jones says

    How lucky to have a man that cooks and those photographs are like something out of the best magazine.
    The chilli looks and sounds wonderful. Hats off to both of you.
    With all good wishes,

  5. Laura says

    This reminds me… I’ve been meaning to ask,
    you feel like selling some of that venison??
    I’m not kidding… just enough to make your recipe
    with it.

  6. says

    Wow, I need to get one of those choppers! And I’m going to have to try FringeMan’s chili. I like hot and spicy! Also, Mindy hosts a chili cookoff every year so I need to be sampling some new recipes looking for my next entry!

    Thanks for the links to my blog. Much appreciated. And thanks also for the add to your bloglist. I will definitely count you as a follower when the names go in the hat.

  7. says

    I generally do not load up Cat Daddy with WMD’s but this looks like something he would really enjoy. I might just have to go kill me a deer! Who am I kidding-I’ll probably just stick to the Wolf Brand. Debbie

  8. robinaltman says

    That looks absolutely delicious. I have this bias that venison is tough. I have no idea why I think that. When you sautee the chunks with the onions and garlic, do they really get soft, or do they get soft with the hours of stirring, stove top cooking, etc.? Inquiring minds want to know!

  9. Mom says

    Oh my, I would need a huge economy size bottles of Rolaids, Gas-X and Prilosec OTC if I attempted to eat this chili.

  10. says

    That looks soooo good! I swear I can smell it! Thank You. That brings back memories of my Dad (heaven, I hope) making venison chili. It’s much better than beef, I think! Wish I had some. Hope the Tums do the trick. ~PJ

  11. thedomesticfringe says

    If we are making this recipe just for a regular family dinner, we’ll make it mild enough for our kids to eat. Just cut down on all the pepper. Add it slowly until it’s at the right heat for your taste buds.

    Very versitile recipe.


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