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An apple a day keeps the doctor away - FruitsMax campaign

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and the teacher at bay.

Despite the overwhelming good apples can do for your health and education, they often get a bad rap. You know, the snake in the garden and all…

For me, apples mean the fall season and I love them. I can’t eat them, but I love them just the same. I’m one of the few people on earth who are allergic to apples.

What?  People can’t be allergic to apples!  (I know you thought that in your heads.)

But after just one bite, I want to stick my hand down my throat and scratch.  I get an intense case of mouth, throat, and ear itchiness.  It’s crazy.  My lips also get a little tingly and my mouth just doesn’t feel right.

Fortunately, if the apple is cooked, I can eat it. Go figure.  Unfortunately, no candy apples for me.

As soon as the morning air turns crisp and clear, I cannot resist buying or picking tons of apples.  Every time I pass my kitchen counter, I want to reach out and grab and apple. I’d be thinner if I could eat my apples raw, because when they’re cooked, they usually end up slathered in butter and sugar.

I’ll just go ahead and say it; my allergies are making me fat!

Not really, but it sure feels good to pass the blame.

I’m allergic to many other fresh fruits besides apples.  In fact, berries and bananas are generally the only fruits my body will tolerate.  That’s great, because I love berries and I eat a banana almost every day, but berries aren’t always in season and there’s no way I can afford five or six dollars for a pint of raspberries.

So what’s a girl who can’t eat fruit to do?  How can I keep the doctor away??

FruitsMax:  A Supplement that Makes Fruit Easy


Even though my children can eat all the fruit they want, kids tend to do what we do rather than do what we say.  My children are less than stellar fruit eaters, especially my son.  It’s crazy, but who doesn’t love fruit?

Some days I dream of sinking my teeth into a juicy peach or ripe purple plum, but too often my son will pass on the good food.  It’s a real concern for me.

FruitsMax:  A supplement that is fruit.  And, it tastes great!Unlike chewable vitamin C tablets, FruitsMax tastes wonderful, like you’re eating a fruit salad.

I’m part of a Christmas Crunch Challenge, three months of healthy eating and rigorous exercise.  (Note: I use the word rigorous very loosely.)  Talking my kids into exercising with me isn’t too hard.  In fact, they enjoy it.  They also manage talk for a full forty minutes of activity, but it makes the time pass quickly and I learn so much about their day.

When I ask how school was, their normal response is “Fine.  Good.  Ok.”

When we’re out walking, running, or jumping rope, they tell me all kinds of stories.  Fresh air and activity act like a truth serum on my children.

Our healthy eating plan hasn’t always been so easy.  We’re definitely trying to creatively put an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, but it’s a process.  I’ve heard the more a child is exposed to a food, the more likely he is to eat it.

We need more fruit in our diet.

FruitsMax - A New Way to Eat all Your Fruit

FruitsMax helps us get the vitamins and minerals we’re not always getting from our apples, pears, berries, peaches and other fruits.  It’s filling in the gaps and sometimes the gaping holes in our healthy eating plan.

FruitsMax is a unique blend of 21 fruits plus L. Acidophilus probiotics.  It’s a boost for the immune system and it’s good for digestive health.  It’s made from only fresh fruits and has no artificial dyes, flavors, or preservatives.  It’s also GMO free.

Basically, FruitsMax takes the apple a day theory and amps it up, making it easy to get all our super-foods each day.  Giving my children FruitsMax makes me feel better.  Fresh is best, but it’s not always available, affordable, and attainable.  Besides, sometimes it’s difficult to eat all the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables for each day.

I’m glad we have an alternative, a fruit even I can eat!


FruitsMax:  Supplements Made Easy - Eat Your Fruit a Different Way

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FruitsMax is giving away the first bottle FREE to new customers, but you need to pay shipping and handling.  Sounds like a great deal to me!  In addition, you will receive an extra 15% off your order if you sign up for their email.  Be sure to read all the details on the FruitsMax website.


Do you eat all your fruit or do you feel like you’re sometimes lacking?

What does your healthy eating plan look like?  Do you have one??

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  1. Mom says

    Ah, to sink my teeth into a fresh fruit would be delightful! But alas, I am the wicked allergy gene giver and like you, bananas and berries can only pass my lips. I think I am going to give this a try!!!

  2. says

    I am a fruit girl, through and through! These are intriguing, though. Also – I’m sorry about the whole allergy thing. I’m going to eat an apple in your honor. My good-eating plan: Fruits or veggies count no matter what you’ve got on them. Carrots with ranch? Veggie! Chocolate covered strawberry? Still a serving of fruit!

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