Glitter Deer Silhouette: A DIY Project

Glitter makes everything better.

I heard this mantra sung by women on Pinterest, and even a few of my friends buy into the idea that our world should sparkle.

For a while, I hesitated to embrace the shiny of it all.  Oh, I saw the twinkle in their eyes, but I remembered ill-fated projects of the past.  Glitter has a funny way of making me think of second grade, and I rather not remember all the glue eaters in second grade.

Were you a glue eater?

You can admit it.  This is a judgement free zone.

FringeMan ate glue.

I did not.  I probably ate the glitter and was left with a little fear; however, sparkly, pretty things draw me in, and I could not resist the pull.  When FringeMan brought home a scavenged block of wood, I did it.  I went straight to Wally World and bought the biggest tub of gold glitter I could find.

Some women get diamonds; I get pieces of scrap lumber.  In the twisted way love works, pine is nearly as endearing as jewels.  Nearly.

FringeMan had a million questions about what I was going to do with this piece of wood.  I scare him sometimes with my whims, so now, I just don’t tell him.  He does not share my brain, and he cannot see the beauty coming from my mind like rays of UV light.  So I keep quiet, like every project is of paramount importance and no one has clearance to the design details.

I make him sweat it out.

When he walked in the back door and saw this gold deer silhouette propped up on the kitchen counter, he said, “Oh, that’s really nice.  Who drew the deer?”

Because, he thinks my talents do not include animal sketches.  Ever since that puppy drawing on the Magnadoodle, he doubts my ability.  Our two year-old liked the puppy.  That’s all that counts.

If you would like to make your own glittery deer silhouette, you will need:  A Canvas (or slab of wood or anything you can get your hands on) (I painted my wood white first), Glue (I used decoupage and collage gel), and Glitter (color of your choice).

Glitter Deer Silhouette on wood

You can do an internet search for free downloadable deer silhouettes and use one of those to transfer the image onto your canvas, or you can free hand it.

Throw perfection out the window.  I did a long, long time ago.  Use creative license as your excuse to make mistakes and have some fun.

After your deer is drawn, spread glue over one section at a time.  I used a small paint brush to help me spread the glue.  It made things a little easier.  Then generously sprinkle glitter on the glue and let it dry.  Repeat until the entire deer is glittered.

After the glue is dry, bring it outside and shake it off.  Neighbor’s will marvel at the path of gold dust leading to your house.

You’ll probably find some empty spaces, so just fill them in with more glue and glitter.

Glitter Deer Silhouette finished DIY project

I am thinking about hanging this masterpiece in my dining room.  I am sincerely praying that having a glittered deer silhouette hanging in our home will deter my husband from hanging a real rack of antlers (with the head attached).  You know what I mean?

I’m pretty sure you can make one of these with any animal of choice. It’s a good idea for a kid’s room.

So, go.  Create something sparkly and tell us how it turned out.

P.S.  Now everyone in my family is worried I’m going to make one of these for them for Christmas.  My aunt already thinks I’ve been out in the boonies for too long.  Wait till she sees this!

P.S.S.  I got this glittered deer idea from Pinterest.  You can find the original project, previously pinned, here.

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  1. says

    …!!!!! Amazing! I love it! How could anyone not! So long as you seal the glitter on well enough there’s not going to be a pile of it underneath, I say keep that bad boy out all year long! Deer are not winter-only animals! :D

  2. says

    I really like this! My only problem is the glitter. If my house it seems to just multiply and I find it for weeks. Last Christmas I put up stockings and I literally found a wad of glitter the other day.


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