Sponsor’s Spotlight: Gorgeous Handmade Jewelry from Lew’s

Lew's Jewelry - July Sponsor @ thedomesticfringe.com


Today I get to introduce you to this month’s Sponsor, Sarah from Lew’s Jewelry.

The first time I visited her website, I absolutely fell in love with her gorgeous handmade jewelry.  It’s hard to even pick my favorite piece, because I like them all so much.

I think you may feel the same way; however, before we start looking at all the pretty jewelry, I’d like you to get to know Sarah a little bit.

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Sarah from Lew's JewelrySeven years ago I wanted to take up a hobby, something to keep me “busy”. Now I am SAHM of two and jewelry designing, homeschooling and a plethora of other adventures keep things active, exciting and even a little crazy.

My family gets the glorious opportunity to leave near the beaches of NC, so in between our activities we absolutely fit in time to be bona fide beach bums.


So many of my keepsakes are created from my own inspirations. One of my favorites parts of designing, is that my customers have found their own personal connection to pieces and have shared their journeys with me. I take pride in offering a unique experience when designing a personal piece from beginning to end and sincerely hope my clients and customers get as much enjoyment out of the process as I do.


Along with the business of Jewelry, I am passionate about women entrepreneurship and supporting small and creative businesses and completely obsessed (and sometimes successful) with repurposing trash and other random objects into treasures.


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Ok, here are some of my favorites.

Lew's Jewelry Collage - Handmade Necklace, Earrings, Rings

I would honestly love to wear any of these pieces, but I have my eye on those birthstone earrings.  They just happen to have my birthstone in them.

I think that’s a sign.


You can find Sarah at the following places:

Lew’s Jewelry




Thank you Sarah for sponsoring The Domestic Fringe this July!

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