Great Vaccination Debate

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question.

Mother’s are passionate about their little tykes and it’s usually their passion that drives them to their decisions on vaccinations.  Today parents are well-informed on their health care options.  Information is almost too readily available.  The great debates can set your mind to spinning and your emotions to flip-flopping.  That’s before we even consider the pleas of the grandma’s.

We all want what’s best for our children and for ourselves; however, ‘best’ is very individual.  Despite some bad reactions in myself as a baby, I chose to vaccinate both of my children to everything from measles to chicken pox to the swine flu.  For me, the benefits definitely outweighed the risks.

I have several friends who have chosen the exact opposite for their children.  They do not believe in vaccinations because risk is high, vaccinations are filled with toxic ingredients, and they do not want to subject their children to anything that is unnecessary.

We are both making informed decisions that we believe are best for our kids.

Recently, the H1N1 (Swine) flu shot has become available.  Parents are once again faced with a big decision.  Should they vaccinate their children?

The county health department held a flu shot clinic in a local church this past week and I not only chose to vaccinate my children to the swine flu, but my husband and I also rolled up our sleeves and took a shot.  Personally I have never before had a flu shot,

but this year I decided to stand in line for my quick needle and lollipop.  I’ve never before vaccinated my daughter against the flu and I’ve only gotten my son a flu shot once.  This year I chose to take the plunge because my son and I are in a high risk category due to asthma.  Vaccinating my husband and daughter reduces the risk of them bringing the illness into our home.

I don’t think everybody needs the flu shot and I’m not sure I’ll get one next year, but this year I decided that the benefits for my family were substantial.

Unfortunately, I was already sick when I got my shot, a secret I concealed from the little old ladies with the needles. I spent yesterday in bed with a fever, terrible congestion, and body aches; however, I’m not completely blaming the shot.  After all, I was already sick.  Thankfully I’m perking up today!  I’m ready to roll in the mud and I have an uncanny craving for corn on the cob.

What about you?  Are you planning on getting the swine flu shot and will you give it to your children?

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  1. says

    Speaking from the “teacher” side of the world….THANK YOU!

    I can’t tell you how concerned I am about my little “tykes” or, my “first graders”. I have 23 of them. I want them all healthy. When even ONE comes to school carrying the illness or even “a” illness, chances are, three or four will follow. I’ve never seen it worse than this year. The other day I was missing nine children because of the flu.

    I just hope parents make informed decisions and not just emotional, “cool mom” decisions.

    Thanks for you blog.

    (Did you buy me that camera yet??? HA!)

  2. says

    Here’s a strange but true for you. I have never had the flu shot…ever. This past Jan. I was in for my regular check up and my Dr. talked me into getting one. Everyone said I was crazy, that flu season was over…guess what, it came late like in Feb. which was also when Jenn went into the hospital. While everyone around me was getting sick, I was fit as a fiddle and was able to stay with her. Talk about God’s plan! Of course, it’s good for a year, so I’m good to go for now! I think I’ll try Jill’s medicine of BBQ sauce for the swine flu though. I don’t trust any new meds until they have been tested to the max. Same for meds peddled, I mean advertised on TV.
    As for children, each parent has to make that call. We didn’t have a lot of choices back when mine were small…MMR, Polio and DPT. Now y’all are faced with chicken pox, RSV, and a host of shots. Not an easy decision to make, I’m sure.

  3. says

    I absolutely do all the standard childhood vaccinations, but have thus far opted out of the H1N1 shot. I feel that since it was a rush to create this vaccine, and because it’s so new, there’s no telling what side-effects could come down the line. I’d rather take my chances and pray hard, since my family healthy with no increased risked factors.

    I hope you’re feeling better!

  4. says

    I’ve never gotten the flu shot and never intend to (unless I’m pregnant or over 70). I was vaccinated against the standard stuff as a kid but I don’t think I’d vaccinate my kids against things like Chicken Pox but I’d probably get them a flu shot or H1N1 if I had kids. It’s a tough call. I really feel like the only people who really need vaccines are those at high risk and not the general population. All the adults I know who’ve gotten the flu shot have actually still gotten the flu and those who haven’t ever gotten it haven’t. I think a lot of it is how healthy your immune system is going into it which is why children and elderly are high risk. Just my two cents ;-)

  5. says

    My daughter and I were vaccinated for the regular flu, but not for H1N1 so far. It hasn’t been made readily available here just yet. If it becomes convenient enough, I might get one.

    You mentioned Dr. Suess on Mindy’s blog. Thought you might like this…

  6. jeannie says

    i gave both my kids flu shots. a couple of days later my little one got really sick and ended up with pnuemonia. now my daughter’s got it. i chose not to get the flu shot and wound up with whatever my son got (fever, chills, body aches and a massive migraine) and then ended up with pnuemonia. so i didn’t think the shot helped.

    next time i’m gonna just wash their hands like there’s no tomorrow…..and if that cough comes, i’m gonna cover him in lysol.

  7. LJ says

    nope. We are just taking a lot of D3. I load up the kids at morning and at night- as well as myself. My dh decided to get it because of his work and going in and out of hospitals. My sons pedi said they were doing trials fighting the flu(colds) with D3.

    I have never managed to get a flu shot. Even though the flu is not in the person, it might be ON the person. I would rather have the lifelong immunity to the strain now, than later when the “snot hits the tissue” and there are worse strains and worse healthcare services.

  8. says

    I have gotten the shots for my little girl and yesterday we got the H1N1 for her. My baby is going to north LA next week for some grandparent time and it is running rampant in north LA. Both my in-laws have swine flu right now. For me it was a no-brainer. Yes, there are risks with the vaccination, but there are also risks of your child developing pneumonia if they happen to catch swine flu. The decision really comes down to which risk are you more comfortable with taking.

    I did research before I took her. What finally sold me was when my BFF’s husband, who is a pediatrician, said not only did he recommend it but he’d had his kids vaccinated as well.

    If I were able to get H1N1 I would get it for myself. I can’t because I don’t fall into one of the approved adult categories.

    But the thing is, it’s every family’s personal decision on whether or not they choose to vaccinate. And just because one does or doesn’t does not make them any better or any more “right” than someone else. We should all do what we think is best for our families and respect the decisions of other families instead of glorifying ourselves and trying to push our decisions down their throats.

  9. says

    We did all the typicial childhood vaccinations for our kids and we had them when we were kids. However, I don’t plan at this time to do the H1N1 shot or any flu shot this year. Who knows, things could change, but right now no.

  10. Jenn says

    Other than what was needed when I was in school, I have never had any other vaccinations and for now, do not intend to get any in the now or (hopefully) distant future.

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