Halloween – More Than Candy

Kids costumes

We have a Halloween tradition in our family.  It’s all hands on deck and full parental participation for the night.

Kids on Halloween

Our kids look forward to it all year long.  My son thinks of trick-or-treating as a highly classified reconnaissance mission to rid our entire town of candy.  He hits up every house and every business.

You sell screwdrivers?

He does not care.  I hope you have a bowl of candy alongside the screws.

Link Legend of Zelda

The kind library lady gets a visit, along with CVS, the local dollar store and drug store.

Every year a rumor circulates that a man on the looooong street running through the center of town is giving away full size candy bars.  I never got one, but FringeBoy did.  Of course.

If the United States Army gave out full size Hershey’s bars for special ops missions, FringeBoy would enlist.

Boys trick or treating in neighborhoodMy son made his entire costume.

Link full boy's costume hand made

He worked for the money to buy the fabric.

He cut out the pieces without a pattern, and he sewed every bit of his outfit – the gloves, hat, boots, tunic – everything.

Because we do not have a sewing machine, he got special permission to use the school’s machines during his study hall.

I am very proud he not only followed through with his plan, but he has the guts to walk around town in a green dress and tights.  Kudos to him for guts.

Most years FringeMan and I dress up.

Medusa Costume

My kids love coming home from school and seeing my face painted.  If I pass their harsh Halloween inspection, I know I have done well.

Medusa costume Warhol Style

FringeMan dresses up because he enjoys scaring kids.  Plain and simple.

He feels like it is the only day of the year he can get even with the short people who wait for the school bus in our driveway, although he does feel bad about making the little lady bug cry.  Really.

After the door knocking is done, we settle into our couches, only half in costume, and eat too much candy.  Usually a 1950′s horror film plays in the background.  The movie is secondary to the sugar, but is necessary for the full fright fun.

Queen child's costume

We all sleep uneasy, because our insulin levels register in the Milky Way.

Great Gatsby character?

My kids think school should have an hour delay on November first, just an hour.

I tend to agree.

Candy bar on HalloweenLinking to What’s the Word Bird? with the Glamorous Housewife.


  1. Great costumes! :)

  2. Those elaborate and hard worked costumes put mine to shame!

  3. Your little one did a great job on his costume! Extra candy for him.

  4. too fun! I’m very impressed by FringeBoy’s sewing skills!!

  5. This is a great family tradition that all of you will remember long after Trick or Treating days are over. Kudos to the lad for a most excellent costume. You all look great and so glad you had a good time :-)

  6. That little man of yours is an enterprising dude! I love that you all get in the fun. Love it!

  7. jennifermurch says:

    Your son’s costume, oh my word. That is really amazing. Super impressive—tell him I said so.

  8. How fun that you all get in on the fun! And big props to Fringeboy…his costume turned out spectacularly! Far better than this mama could have done for sure!

  9. Love this! And enormously big kudos to your little guy for making that entire costume by himself! I’m impressed!!! Hope you guys made out like bandits with the candy and had a great night!

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