Hello Monday: First Snow

Hello First Snow

What counts as the first snow?  Is it the first flake?

I don’t count random flakes or even light, quickly passing snow showers as the “first snow”.  I think that comes from living in snow country one too many winters.  For me, the first snow is when it’s been snowing for an hour or forty-eight and you can actually make a snowball.

First Snowball of The Season – It’s in my freezer. Why? I’m still asking that.

The next big question is – Do you eat December snowflakes or do wait until January when they are ripe?  What about November snow?  That’s certainly too early to be eating snow, but I think my daughter may have downed a drink or two.

Charlie Brown: First Snowflakes

As a kid, I remember pulling icicles off of houses, rusty fences, the car, wherever I could get my hands on the plumpest rod of frozen ice and pollution.  I lived in the city, you know.  Then I’d suck it like a cherry popsicle.  It’s a wonder children don’t die of road grime poisoning.

Honey, I shrunk the snowman! Also in our freezer.

For years my kids were accustomed to large fields full of deep snow, the kind of snow you can lose a car in.  They ate it at will.  It was ripe and clean too.  Then we moved to back to New York.  There’s nothing good about New York snow.  It’s always dirty.  You have to hunt down clean snow to play in.

Not eating the snow has been a tough lesson for my kids to learn.  In fact, I don’t think they’ve “got it” just yet.  I like to think whatever they accidentally ingest will strengthen their immune systems.

Hello Monday Morning

The Monday after a long holiday weekend is never easy.  I hope your Monday is as smooth as mashed potatoes.  Not mine. I make lumpy everything.

Speaking of potatoes.  Have you ever seen a potato this big?  It’s practically the size of my head and I have a big head!

Giant Baked Potato

FringeMan is saying hello to a new job.  I won’t say much, because I don’t want to blog him out of work, but I’m a little jealous of the whole ER business.  I’m the one hooked on all the doctor shows.  I remember watching ER on a fuzzy screen when my kids were babies.  I never missed an episode.

Hello Busy Week on The Fringe (at least in blogland)

First there was Hungry For A Day…if it were for a good cause, could you go Hungry For A Day?

Then, ironically, I gave you my meat pie recipe (which I totally think you should try).

I wrote about A Few Things Every Parent Should Know.  Feel free to add your wisdom in the comments of that post.

I enjoyed a Big Fat Tacky Thanksgiving.  How was yours?

And then I became a fashion copycat and wore this outfit, a la Lisa Leonard.

The week culminated with a gold glitter deer DIY, because doesn’t everyone need a silhouette in their house?  Judging from the comments, the answer is NO.  Doesn’t anyone like glitter anymore?

What are you saying Hello to today?

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  1. Snow already? I can’t imagine, but my kids would be ecstatic. It only snows here once or twice every other year or so. My youngest son has a sled on his Christmas list, but I told him that might not be so practical! I’ve always heard not to eat the first snow, but since one is all we usually get, we always make snow cream anyway. :) Stopping by from Hello Monday.

  2. I wonder if grey snow is better than yellow snow? Very cute that your kiddos are saving snow in the freezer. I grew up sucking down pollution pops too. My favorite game was to hit at the stabby ones with a shovel to play roulette of icicle death. It hasn’t snowed here yet, but the rumor is that it is coming our way soon. Happy Monday. -NJ (stopping by from Lisa Leonard)

  3. I agree with you completely that the first snow isn’t until you can make a snowball. Truthfully, I don’t count it as a first snow until it “sticks” to the ground. I loved eating snow and I’m not nearly as particularly about my kids eating it as I probably should be.

  4. At this point any dusting of snow will count. They say maybe tomorrow. We will see.
    I think the reindeer is cool.
    Good luck FringeMan!

  5. I totally licked icicles as a kid…then used them as swords. Of course that was very short-lived! Thanks for sharing your memories and first snowfall! Blessings!

  6. Looks like fun!!!! I wish I had snow over here :( ER? Sounds exciting!!!! I love working in the ER;)

  7. Oh, the things we don’t think about as kids… Like how dirty the snow probably is. :) And congrats to Fringeman for the new job! Today I’m saying hello to the first real snow fall here!

  8. No snow here. Waaaa. :( That is great that hubby got a new job! Yay.

  9. Love the new header picture. Your kids are cute with their snowballs and snowmen. I’ll eat snow anytime as long as it isn’t yellow!

  10. My kids have never seen real, live snow…hoping it happens soon! I have many memories of eating suburban snow growing up. Yum.

    I’m saying hello this Monday to another day of sniffles. I’m the last family member to catch “it”, and we all know mommies can’t get sick!

    I pray for a good day for your husband in his new job!

    I’ll have to catch up on some of your posts that I missed!

  11. No snow for me down here in the land of oranges & palm trees but growing up in a snowy place when one can have a snowball fight, that’s the first snow.
    Tell Fringeman good luck on the job. My Mom was an ER nurse for many years.She loved it. so many interesting stories.

  12. In answer to your question I am saying hello to wonderful memories of eating snow and ice when the only rule was – don’t eat the yellow snow. And yes I think it strengthened our immunity systems. G1 still has a snowball in our freezer from LAST winter. I asked him in July if he wanted it yet and he said no. Have a wonderful week!

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