Hello Monday – One Day at The Beach

Hello Monday!

I’m liking you today, mainly because I got to sleep in my own bed last night.  After three and half weeks on the road, there’s nothing like home.

Hello sand between my toes.

Pensacola Beach at night

We very unexpectedly spent twenty-four hours in Florida last week.  Most of those hours were at night.

John on Pensacola BeachOur trip was sudden and extremely short, so we left the kids with my aunt in Atlanta.  After so many weeks traveling from place to place, they were pooped.

Hello warm gulf water.

sandy shore Pensacola BeachI went to college in Florida and then spent another three years living there when my kids were teeny-tiny.  I had forgotten just how warm the water gets.  It’s like a giant bathtub with sea shells.

Hello ferris wheel on the beach.

Ferris wheel Pensacola BeachYou definitely crank up the fun factor for vacationers, but I just wanted to sit in the sand for five minutes.  That’s all.

Palm Tree Pensacola BeachHello beautiful family.

The best part of the trip?

Spending time with these two girls.

I generally only get to Skype with my nieces and they tell me I sound cranky on Skype, but for one quick day, we got to play and play and play.  That made every minute in the car worth while.

What are you saying Hello to today?

Join me over at Lisa Leonard’s and say hello to Monday.





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    I’m saying “Hello…how do I pin your ferris wheel photos”? Oh mylanta Trish…the blue is just gorgeous…kinda like those three gals in your last photo!

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    Fun pictures. Warm water sounds wonderful. I’ve lived around cold water most of my life. The Pacific Ocean growing up and now Lake Superior. Glad you got to spend face to face time with family.

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    I know you weren’t anywhere near my part of Florida, but I think all our beaches are great! Glad you got a chance to enjoy it.

    I’m saying hello Monday because today is national left-handed day. Yay for me! : )

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      I know!!!! Honestly, it was so blasted quick, I didn’t get to see anyone. I have lots of friends I left behind in Florida and I didn’t even have time for a quick visit. I need to go back. My niece says I can only come back for 4 or 6 days, but not 1 anymore. I agree. ;-)

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