Ho, Ho, Ho…Merry Christmas!

My son was born a seventy-five year old man in a diaper.  For this reason, he has never bought into the entire fat man in a red suit swishing down the chimney with a bag of elf-made presents; however, my daughter is a believer and will be until she’s well into adulthood.  It’s not that she hasn’t been told the truth, she does live with the old man in footy pajamas, she just refuses to entertain the truth.  I can’t blame her, the truth is boring.  Besides it’s obviously beyond imagination that FringeMan and I could become jolly enough to buy a trunk load full of presents.

FringeKid lives in a world…

- where reindeer eat magic moss that makes them fly

- where Santa knows exactly what she’d love for Christmas, so she doesn’t even need to write him an item specific letter (No pressure Santa!)

- where loosing a tooth is as big an event as your birthday

- where a jolly, fat fella brings toys to all good girls and boys

I’m more than ok with that.  She has the rest of her life to be a cynical adult, but right now she needs to enjoy her childhood for both herself and her brother.

Despite his sister’s Christmas excitement, the best ‘Santa’ story I’ve heard this year came from FringeBoy.  With his sister out of earshot, FringeBoy began his story.  His voice held the “you’re not gonna believe this silly girl, mom” tone of voice.  It seems that a girl in his class still believes in Santa.  Imagine that?  In the FOURTH grade!

“She believes in Santa” he said, “but she doesn’t believe the elves make toys, because she found a price tag.”


I’d better check for tags this year.  I wouldn’t want to leave any red “CLEARANCE” stickers on a box.

Do you entertain fat men in red suits in your house?  Or are you naturally so kind that your children actually believe that you would buy them presents?


  1. My oldest (almost seven) knows it (she’s smart and has guessed the truth), but she there’s still a small part of her that holds out. She wants to be wrong, and still pretends, but not just for her little sister’s sake. ;)

    Merry Christmas, FG! Love and hugs and blessings.

  2. Very cute! We have to believe though!!happy Holidays! Karena

  3. Fringe kid is on the money! When I was little I found a price tag on a toy from Santa and my Mum told me Santa ran out of toys and had to go shopping. Made sense to me!

  4. My daughter got me in trouble when she was in pre-school because she went round to her classmates pointing out that the identity of the Santa that showed up was already known to them. Her teacher was not happy.

    I didn’t want to ever lie to her, for fear she wouldn’t believe me about really important things.

  5. robinaltman says:

    When my kids were little, our friends felt bad for them because they were always saying, “I don’t want to be Jewish! I want Christmas!”, so they brought a bag of presents from the Hannukah Ho Ho. They believed in HHH for years. We told them it was Santa’s alter ego for Jewish kids.

  6. My son was in fifth grade when the jig was up. But now, he’s in on the secret, and I threaten him constantly not to tell any other kid what he thinks is real or not.

  7. Don’t stop believin’!
    Ho ho ho-ld on to that feelin’!

    That’s the Santa version. OK, it sounded better when Steve Perry said it! ;-)

  8. What do you mean, THERE’S NO SANTA CLAUS????? Of course, there’s a Santa Claus and Rudolph too!!!! What’s up with that?? Santa is very real!!!!!!!!

    It’s all LIES, I tell you, LIES!!!! Santa is happy and jolly getting his sleigh ready for Thursday night.

  9. My kids believed for a long time. In fact, my oldest suspected for a couple of years and would ask us if he was real. We’d answer with, be sure you really want the truthful answer before you ask and she’d back down. She really didn’t want to know for sure. This last 2 or 3 Christmases. She was probably about in 4th grade or so before she knew for sure.

  10. “My son was born a seventy-five year old man in a diaper” LOL!!!! Merry Christmas to you guys!

  11. Santy Claus is alive and well in the Casita de Trash! My “children” are 37 and 33…still got ‘em looking in their stockings! I’ve told them the day they stop believing is the day the stockings will come up empty. Remind me to tell you the story of Santa Pop someday (that would be Cat Daddy in a cheapo santa suit)! It’s a doozy…in the meantime picture a 200+ pound guy running around in the front yard wearing plastic santa spats! Who couldn’t believe in Santa after that?
    Baby girl will be just fine and we will too as long as children like her grow up to be the next generation of optimistic believers of hope and faith…clearance tags and all! I’d be willing to bet FB secretly believes for all his politician rhetoric!
    May you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by all that is precious and fine…each other and our saviour.

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