On the way home from school yesterday, my daughter asked, “Why do you have to take Preg-na-zone?”

“Because it’s helping me breath well right now.”  I answered.

“Because pregnant people have asthma?”  She asked.

“It’s PRED-NI-SONE, not PREG-NA-ZONE!”  I laughed.  “I’m not pregnant!!!”

This is how rumors start.  I can only imagine what she’s told everyone in school.


Every so often, I feel as though I need to do some housekeeping on the domestic fringe.  In my home, that’s about ever 5.7 seconds, because nothing stays clean any longer than that.  Today is officially housekeeping day on the fringe.

For me it’s the perfect day to do a little housecleaning, because I’m too grouchy to write anything even mildly humorous.  I’m in my second week of taking steroids for my asthma and this medicine makes me either grumpy or it makes me cry.  I cried on my daughter’s dress while ironing it for school the other morning. I cried over a movie. I cried over your blog posts. I cried doing the dishes.  My eyes are water-wells.

I have about another eight days of this medicine and I fear I may be completely dehydrated by then.  My skin is starting to shrivel.  After another week, I’ll simply be a well-oxygenated raisin.

Anyway, here’s the latest and great news on the domestic fringe!

1.  Heidi from Mom’s, Ministry, and More is hosting an event that will help raise support for American missionaries overseas.  You will have a chance to win lots of great gifts from around the world and help missionaries continue the work the Lord has called them to do.  I hope you’ll check it out and participate.

For details click HERE.

2.  You’ve probably noticed that I have an empty links page listed up on my header bar.  It’s because I organize things like a room full of preschoolers organize toys.  So I’ve considered color-coding your blogs, but I’ve run into all kinds of mental road-blocks.  I’m simply going to organize by state.  I’ve seen this done often and it works.

If you would like your blog added to the ‘links’ page of the domestic fringe, please leave me a comment that includes your state or country.  Thank You.

3.  I created a page called FringeLove.  You will find it listed on my header bar.  It’s the whole up-to-the-minute love saga between FringeMan and myself.  These are the posts I’ve written as part of a blog carnival called Meetings, Marriages, and Memories.  Secretly I’ve thought it should be called Meetings, Marriages, and Meltdowns, but don’t tell.

If you’d like to participate yourself or want details, click HERE.

4.  Everyone is invited to PARTY IN PINK on October 7th.  I urge you to participate.  It will be a day where woman who have battled with breast cancer are honored and where those struggling are encouraged.  It will be your chance to show your support to a woman you know.  If you don’t blog, write a wall post for facebook, send an email, or a card.  Everyone can participate.  This party is in celebration of my first bloggaversary.  Your participation in this event will be a gift to me and those you choose to honor.


For details, click the badge.

5.  Finally, if you need some decorating inspirations…

Click HERE


Or maybe HERE

If that isn’t enough, click HERE.



  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    I would love to be included. I’m in Ohio.

  2. Ha…pregnazone, that was funny! I just found your blog, I’m looking forward to reading more.

  3. oh how funny!

    I want to be added to your links..
    I am in Spain.

    What will this blog party consist of?

  4. I hear you.. I hope you are feeling better soon. My youngest takes that. Forget about cleaning the house.. it’s a never ending battle ;)

  5. Oh how I hate the side effects of the, wicked but it works, prednisone. I too am a asthma person who takes it a bit too often. I feel for you and understand the tears. Like your site and postings very much. Thanks for the smiles.

  6. Poor Tricia,
    You forgot the years of your youth when you were on prednisone for most of your childhood and the many mood swings WE all had to live through!!!
    This season will pass, the snows will come and the mold will die. Then your breathing will return to normal.

  7. Oh I hear ya on the hate for pred.

    On top of the wanting to either scream or cry at everything that moves (or doesn’t) I have the urges to eat the refrigerator and everything in it! Thanks to my “friend” rheumatoid arthritis, I too am on the evil prednisone.

    Some things that I found that helps for some of the side effects (like the mood swings, water weight gain, and lack of good sleep):

    1.Take it in the morning if you can, it will let you get better sleep and be in time with your regular cortisone schedule.
    2.Cut back on salt intake and up your water intake as it will keep the water gain to a minimum and help your body feel less… um… preg-ni-zoned.
    3.If you are on it for longer than a few weeks make sure to taper your dose slowly or you will feel like **** (and it is dangerous for your body on top of it).

    Hope this helps!

  8. BOY, considering you are a puddle, you are one busy kitty!

    Hope you get off the pregnazone quick. The Boy says they make him feel crazy and he can’t sleep.And he said they made him look like a fat girl. Maybe he had a pregnant glow?

    I come representing the great, poor, state of Michigan! I sound like a beauty pagent contestant.

  9. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Are the steroids keeping you from sleeping?

    Please add me to your link. Jill Boyd’s Place is in Florida. In the United States. (Just so you know.) : )

    Also, I have tons of material for a meltdown carnival that would include mother-in-law stories. But I’d have to publish under another name and another blog because that kind of thing can come back and bite you. But trust me–I have stories that are too insane to be made up! LOL

  10. You know where I’m at…include me please!

    I’m praying for you.

  11. I love the domestic fringe. It makes me laugh. :-D I am in central Texas.

  12. robinaltman says:

    I have a friend who had to be on steroids for poison sumac, and she went absolutely bananas. We went to a movie together while she was on the steroids. Normally, she is an outspoken critic, but this was incredible. She moaned at bad lines. She yelled at bad acting. She threatened to leave every 5 minutes. She screamed in agony when the plot faltered. It was the funniest time I’ve ever had at the movie, but I was a good friend, and told her to go easy on the steroids before someone killed her. Yeesh.

  13. Fringe Girl is a cutie and a hoot!

    Don’t know how you keep up with everything, but I guess we all manage somehow.

    Yes, I’d love to be a thorn in your side…bar. I’m visiting from Baton Rouge, LA. :D

  14. If you would include me – I am in Northern Ireland

  15. I can definitely see how that would get the rumors started and fast!

  16. Love how you convinced those engineers to use colored file folders!!

    If you’d like to add them, WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie are both in Minnesota. :)


  17. Aw, I hope you’re done with that medicine soon. And that FrindgeKid doesn’t forget how to properly pronounce it! ;) Take care.

    I’ve been thinking on your Party in Pink day. May do a video?

  18. oh please come over here and organize my life. Pretty please

  19. LOL about the meltdowns. I’d figured the meltdown part would be if we had a carnival about mother-in-laws! :)

    I can’t wait for Oct 7, even though I grumbled about the pics. What a wonderful idea!

    Going to check out the decorating links.

  20. You are too funny!! Even if you are a waterwell! Thanks for posting even though you don’t feel like it.

    Let us know if your neighbors throw you a surprise baby shower. ha ha ha I’M KIDDING!!!!! It would be funny though. ;-) ~

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