I Thought I Used All My Words

Blogland, it’s been forever!

I thought maybe I had used up all my words and I’d never blog again.  Well, not really, but maybe I thought that for a half-second.  I have plenty of words, but not an abundance of time.  So, you’ll get the highlights.

We left for the great, frozen state of Maine on Friday and it was jam-packed weekend.  We saw so many old friends, and yet there are still so many we did not get a chance to visit.  Looks like we’ll just have to go back when it’s warm.

If it’s warm.

Saturday morning I spoke at a women’s luncheon.  The lunch was beautiful, the ladies sweet as pie, and the day was even sunny.  My little talk went ok.  At least I hope it went ok.  No one threw tomatoes and the women were all gracious and kind.

They did get an awfully funny picture of me though.  I sure hope I didn’t look like the this the entire time I was speaking.

Just so happens, that the minute I make a freaky weird face and full-body horror gesture, somebody snaps a picture.  Sad thing is that I kinda remember making this face.  I was done with my talk and about to scramble back to my seat and disappear in a sea of fixed hair and fancy clothes when a dear friend asked me to stay up front.

I thought “Oh, no!  I haven’t got any more words.  I just gave you all I’ve got and if I’m left to impromptu, be afraid.  Very afraid!”

Apparently I can’t think without my face telling the story.

Then we came home to a terrible fish smell in the house.  I don’t cook fish unless my husband catches it and he hasn’t caught any fish lately.  Because I left a few windows open, we thought maybe one of our neighbors threw out some slimy swimmy things and the stink got trapped in our house.

The next evening, my son comes running from his room screaming “There’s a snake in my room!”

Double Yikes.  You think my face was bad in the last picture?  That’s nothing.

I don’t know if the snake had anything to do with the stench, but there’s something fishy going on.

Back to the ladies meeting…

Those sweet girls just wanted to give me a gift, and I probably scared them with my face.

They made all those colorful ribbons kinda look like cupcakes.  My picture just doesn’t do this cake plate justice.  It’s adorable and I love it!

Big thanks to you ladies!

Tomorrow is Fiction Friday.  I may be a little late posting, but I’ll get around to it.  I began chapter 4 today.  Well, I at least typed Chapter 4 on a blank page.  That counts for something, doesn’t it?

In case you need a shot of writing inspiration, check out this video.  It’s worth the time to watch it.

See you all tomorrow!

As long as a snake doesn’t crawl into my bed, wrap itself around my throat and choke me to death.

I’m sure I have nothing to worry about.


  1. Okay, the snake thing is freaking me out. I, too, would have moved out and possibly never gone back!! Unfortunately, my boys think snakes are kind of cool and would probably be thrilled to find one slithering across the floors.

  2. I hate snakes with a passion! I would NOT have wanted to be in your shoes at all!

    As for speaking in public? You’re a better woman than I.

  3. Laughing SO hard! Girl, you are hilarious!

  4. I love that cake stand! I decorate cakes and that plate is giving me all sorts of ideas. Welcome back.

  5. I can’t take a good picture for the life of me! ;)

  6. I’m afraid I could not sleep in that house if a snake was found. I’d be in the nearest Motel 6. :)

  7. So glad you’re back, I missed your words.

  8. I mean pretty sure you had NOT used up all your words!

  9. I was pretty sure you had used all your words! And you have a bravery I do not…cannot even look at a snake never mind picking one up!!!

  10. Haha! Don’t feel too bad. I’m pretty sure I make that face all day, every day. Constant State Of Shock is what I’m told I look like :)
    Glad your talk went well & Welcome back!

  11. Ok, I am laughing so hard I actually have tears! The pictures are nicely taken, compliment the “mood” at the moment! Totally loved the post!
    P.S. Do get back to me about the personal blog thing, starting it in June!


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