I’ll beg if I need to.

I’m psyched about the Summer Series being hosted right here on The Domestic Fringe.  Beginning July 18th (the same day as my kids start camp :-p),  a group of amazing women bloggers have agreed to be my guest and share their fabulous and sometimes quirky personalities with us.  I can’t wait!

Lake 15 View 2

Photo courtesy of The Charming Tyrants

I don’t like to drop names, but this lineup includes women from blogs like Flower Patch Farmgirl, Whatever, Faith Like Mustard, Remodel This Life, Mama’s Minutia, Jill Boyd’s Place, Broken Poet, and a few I’m still working on.  They will be tackling topics ranging from Summer Fun to Summer Kid Art, Summer Faith, Summer Funnies, Summer Fashion, Summer Simple, and Summer Food.

Seriously, if you almost never read my blog, start reading on July 18th!  You won’t be sorry.

Since I need a theme picture for my Summer Series, I asked you to submit a photo that epitomized ‘summer’ to you.  I figured I’d post the photos and let you vote on a winner.

Now a certain woman in cow-girl boots, who will remain unnamed, but lives on a ranch, writes cook books, and has the most famous blog ever, asks for photos and gets thousands.  I ask and I get three.  Thank you Sydney!

What am I, chopped liver?

Don’t answer that.

But seriously, don’t you have a picture to share?  I know you bloggers are also pretty extraordinary photographers.  At least you’re better than I am.

The only requirements for the photo is that it MUST be something summery.  The rest is left to your imagination.  So, send all photos via email to {Tricia9199 at yahoo dot com}.

I will accept photos until July first.  After that, I will post the five best photos and we’ll vote.  Spread the word around.  Anyone can enter and you’ll get full credit for the photo (with links) every time I use it.

Don’t make me have to put on  cow-girl boots and cook for you!

You ever taste my cooking?


  1. You’re welcome. I have a few more if you want them, but somehow it’s not as fun when you are competing against yourself.

    So start taking pictures people!

  2. lol, Sorry FringeGirl, I’ll start snapping – no boots required, lol.
    Can’t wait to read all these summer posts!!

  3. Hee Hee. That’s quite an impressive lineup!

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