I’m Clinging to Hope & Shoes

Yesterday a fierce winter storm ushered in extreme emotions and a foot of snow.  I’ve been to the depths of despair and back when I discovered that every photograph I took in the last three and a half years is gone.  Lost forever.  I may not take good pictures, but they are our life or at least moments of our lives captured on a 4×6 sheet of photo paper.

Part of my problem is that I waited too long to print them or back them up.  I’m giving you all good advice – Go to the store and buy a flash drive, cd’s, or an external harddrive and back-up all your photos.  Don’t wait!

All may not be lost.  I am looking into a recovery program as we speak.  I’ll keep you posted.

Tonight I am attempting to focus on the positive.  My computer is working again.  I did upload many pictures to both facebook and this blog.  Those are not lost.  I also like to think that spring is on her way.  The foot of freshly fallen snow and the sky spit flurries today made me doubt, but I am choosing to believe.

I even bought the cutest pair of sandals.

It all started with FringeMan needing some spit shine.  He’s due at a major conference for several days this week and well, his clothes are a bit worn.  Ok, that’s a huge understatement and I’m not one for understating the facts.  He looks a little like a rascal that’s been dragged through the mud by his black-eyed pit-bull and left to bake in the Florida sun for a season.

Correction:  FringeMan doesn’t look like that, but his clothes most certainly do.

We are not big on putting on a good show and giving off false pretenses, but the man simply cannot walk around in torn pants and shirts with frayed collars.  Not for a conference anyway.

So we rallied our true trailer park (no offense intended) inner class and went shopping.  At K-Mart.

You can scoff, but they have a wide selection of Big & Tall dress shirts for – hang on to your hair – $4.95 on clearance.

I said we were spit shining him, not taking him to a car wash.

He even bought new shoes, the kind that don’t claim to be waterproof and come to the knee.  Since shoes were Buy One Get One Half Price, I slipped a pair of cute wedges into the cart.

I would wear these around the house if my house weren’t so cold.  For now, I’ll set them on the counter and look at them with longing.

Aren’t they cute?


  1. says

    Yes, I MUST back up my pictures SOON. It’s been on my to-do list forever. My hubby wears big and tall sizes too (he’s tall) and we have a hard time finding shirts that fit him. Cute sandals.:o)

  2. says

    regarding your fotos – oh my goodness – i feel the paranoia of not printing our fotos – i hadn’t printed fotos in over 2.5yrs until recently! i’m still behind but we’ve at least uploaded our fotos to snapfish.com….and i’m in the process of ordering and updating our foto albums…i’ve said to my husband a number of times that the most precious possessions i have are the journals i keep for our kids and the foto albums…can buy a new bible…can request a new social security card…can buy a new car…but can’t buy those fotos and my memory is *awful* so i’d be really depressed if we lost them! not for me, but as a gift to the children when they get older….love the shoe pattern!

  3. says

    I hope you are able to recover all your photos. I can sympathize. I had a computer crash on me. Thankfully I was in the process of backing up my photos but I still had about 6 months worth left to back up. I take tons of pictures so for me that was a lot and I was heart broken. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. says

    Yikes! I feel your pain about the photos. I am a bit of a photo nut. I have mine on: on the computer, on individual disks, and on SMUGMUG. And I scrapbook.

    But…..deep down in my soul, there is a tiny portion of me, that hopes that they all get lost!!! It is a ton of work & really it keeps me overly attached to them. So, I am terribly sorry about your potential loss….on the other hand, you may just be able to keep your memories pure without all the attachment to the film. Good luck!

  5. says

    I’m trying to remember where I read about this happening to someone else in blogland. I think they were able to retrieve their photos. I’ll try and retrace my steps and get back to you if I can find it again.
    Don’t knock K-Mart! It liked to have broke my heart when they closed all the stores around us. It was my go-to place for Christmas decorations and gardening. Now I have to go all the way to Oklahoma or LA to shop…and I do when I have the chance.

    P.S. Give him a lick and a promise as you send him out the door. I’ll be saying a prayer that it all goes smoothly.

  6. TheIdiotSpeaketh says

    I got my fingers crossed for your photos. I keep mine on an external harddrive….but that still is probably not even enough protection. Some people have reccomended uploading to Flickr as an extra precaution. I had a small taste of what you must be going through…. A few years ago, we took a 2 week vacation and I had about 1,000 photos on my camera….and then a bottle of liquid in our suitcase exploded, drowning my camera. The camera was lost….but luckily they were able to save the photos off the card….. I hope your pics can be saved. Hang in there! :)

  7. says

    I am so tired of winter and it doesn’t help that today my oldest texted us and said she is going to the beach. Blast it all, why did I let her go to college in FL (and not take me)? haha


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