In The Mood For Fall

Today I thought I would share this photo to help get you in the mood for fall, and we all know nothing says fall like orange pumpkin cheeks!

Go visit week #3 of the Fall Festival over at This Blessed Nest for more great fall posts.

I also want to say thank you to all those who shared my post, Parenting 2010 Style.  I had no idea yesterday’s post would resonate with so many of you.  I enjoyed reading all your comments.  Thank you for your support.

And now for a great yummy and sweet fall recipe…

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies



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    Love the cheeks!! Too funny! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and commenting! It’s so nice to hear from fellow bloggers. I enjoyed the post on parenting 2010. My daughter is 14 and I am dealing with lots of stuff that didn’t exist even when she was a toddler…like facebook {she’s not allowed}, doing homework on a laptop {a great thing} and reality t.v. { garbage t.v.} but it’s part of pop culture these days. It’s hard being a parent and navigating through all this stuff! Angie xo

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    Thanks so much for the visit and sweet comments. I love this photo, its a great idea and I think I just might have to use it this year in my front yard. I will definately be back for a visit….gotta feed the baby (lol)

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    love this. i just shared your link & pic on twitter. ;)

    i love whimsy & humor in home decor & a couple of cheeks too!

    thanks so much for linking this wonderful pic up to the FALL FESTIVAL!
    hope to see you next week.


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