Insta Friday: Finding Paul Bunyan

Giant Paul Bunyan Statue

It seems we found Paul Bunyan.

He’s living at the water park we visited.

Insta Friday:  Paul Bunyan

I love that my daughter will still pose for fun pictures.

My son just walks away and when I do get a photo, he’s terribly picky.

He wants retakes.

This is what happens at thirteen.

Heaven help me when my daughter hits that age!

 Sunset on The Erie Canal

The water park was all kinds of crazy fun.

I had very low expectations going in, but we had a blast.

We opened and closed the park.

When the kids fell asleep on the ride home, I knew it was a very good day.

(That photo was sunset on the Erie Canal. Nothing to do with the water park.)

Insta Friday:  School Shopping

Can we talk about school supplies for a second?

They killed me.  Dead.

I can buy a 1 inch binder for .99 cents, but my kids need 1 1/2 inch binders.

That cost $4.98 each.  I needed eight.

I felt like poking my eye out with a pencil.

Insta Friday:  Shiny Red Shoes - Target

It’s because of the binders that I had to walk away from these.

My heart broke a little.

I’m not sure if the right word would be lust or covet, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing both.

I’m also praying every day that Target will still have a pair of these in a size eight when I finally have money to buy them.

Please God.  Please.

Insta Friday:  Church

I’m not sure God thinks I need a pair of red, shiny heels,

but I’m going to attempt to convince Him otherwise.

Insta Friday:  The Poochy Lip

The poochy lip says it all.

Insta Friday:  Sun in the sky

Are these too many pictures for you?

I can’t stop taking them.

My husband thinks I’m nuts, but click, click, click…there I go again.

Charlotte the Bunny

Charlotte is quite the little handful.

We’re teaching her to stand up tall on her hind legs for a treat.

My daughter is perfect the high-five with her.

She mainly does two things – eat and poop.

I’ve never seen a more greens consumed in my life.

I’m wondering if all vegetarians poop as much as Charlotte.

laying on rock, soaking up sunshine

Must I explain?


My husband bought me roses.

I was quite surprised and delighted.

On that happy note, we’ll end.

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  1. says

    So fun! I went back to Target every week to see if a dress I “loved” would go on sale. Sure enough, it did. But you know what, by then, I didn’t even want it anymore. So, maybe God is giving you a gift in the walking away. :-)

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful trip with your family. Aren’t those times so precious?

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