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Friends, I’m short five posts for my 31 Day Cheap Tricks series.

I’ll catch up, but I’m not stressing over it.

I’m giving myself permission to breathe and to get it done when I can.

Hope you understand.

Now, lets take a look some Instagram pictures.  If you’re not following along, please do!

Instagram pictures:  Sunset

Instagram pictures:  Pet Bunny

This is my son’s bunny.  Her name is Charlotte.  At times, she’s quite the rascally rabbit.

Her current mission is to get behind the couch.

Somehow her boundaries keep increasing.  Soon she’ll have taken over the entire house.

She’s lucky she’s cute.

Instagram pictures:  Dessert

This dessert happened.

It tastes even better than it looks.

Chocolate cake, pudding, chopped toffee, caramel, and cool whip in layers.

Worth all three million calories.

I made it for a party at my house, only no-one showed up.  True, but sad story.

Instagram Pictures:  Sock CurlsHave you ever tried sock curls?

They work fabulously.

If you’re looking for cute hairstyles for your little girls, I shared a few.  Go take a peek.

Instagram pictures:  80's Style Outfit80’s Day in school.

This look isn’t a stretch for her.  In fact she wears it often.

Remember that box of hand-me-downs?

Ya, I let her pick out her own clothes.

Instagram Pictures:  80's DayThis one.  I’m not sure about him.  He likes ties.

Instagram Pictures:  Kids downtown

Once a month, my town hosts a special day to get people involved and promote local busniess.

We were going to eat a cannoli for the good of our community.

What can I say, we go the extra mile.

Instagram Pictures:  Painted Signs

I love that some of the businesses in my town got creative with their signs.

Thumbs up from me.

Instagram Pictures:  FringeMan and FringeGirl

My husband and I attended a fundraising event.

I won a Starbucks gift basket.

Very cool.

Instagram Pictures:  Starbucks Gift Basket

See?  Awesome, right??

Instagram:  FringeKid and Her American Doll Molly

My daughter is so easy to photograph.

Sorry for the millions of pictures.

I like that she still likes her doll at eleven years old.

Instagram Pictures:  Fall Scenery

Instagram Pictures:  Fall = Boot Love

Boots.  One of my favorite things about fall.

Instagram Photos:  Fall Fluff

Instagram:  Playing in the leaves

Instagram Pictures:  B&W Drawings

She loves to draw.

This is a ceremonial Indian wedding dress.

Instagram:  Running Shoes

I got new running shoes.

They are super-comfy.

That means I need to keep running.

Instagram:  Fall Leaves

Instagram Pictures:  Sunlight and Shadows

This was my attempt at being an artistic photographer.

My family laughed at it.

Instagram:  B&W Spider

I didn’t wear a great Halloween costume this year, unlike last year’s Medusa costume.

I did, however, borrow my daughter’s spider head band.

I kept forgetting it was on my head until people looked at me funny.

Instagram Photos:  Scarecrow Costume

I had hopes for my daughter’s no-cost costume, but it far surpassed my expectations.

I. Love. My. Scarecrow.

Instagram:  Face Paint

My son tried his hand at face paint, but it didn’t work out quite so well.

The paint was kind of yucky.

Any suggestions?

Instagram:  Kid's Scarecrow costume

Um, that was a LOT of pictures, but not even all of them.

Come on, follow along on Instagram.

Do you love taking pictures?

Leave me a link to your Instagram and I’ll follow along.

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  1. says

    I had a party once that no one showed up to. More food for me, right? Ha! I have seen someone do curls with straws. Have never tried it. Socks too? I need to look into it. And that is the cutest scarecrow costume. I need to keep that in mind. I’m always on the lookout for easy and cute costumes! Great photos!

  2. says

    What an amazing costume!! And, now that my sister works at Starbucks, I’ve become a Starbucks junkie!! I’m so coveting your gift basket! :-) Tell me more about the dessert. It looks Fall Fabulous. Have a great Friday!! And, breathing is good. :-)

    • says

      Dani, I got my phone right before the new iPhones came out, so they blew out the “old” model. My husband got an email and it was time for us to renew anyway. We actually pay a few dollars less a month now than we did with really old flip-phones. Go figure! It’s a blessing. I’m like a kid with a new toy. :-)

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