It All Happened the First Week of Summer


Summer Fun:  Car full of kids


One week of summer break down and I’m in love with life, even though it has rained nearly every single day.  Despite the great deluges and mini-floods rushing down the street, the sun peaked out a time or two and believe me, as soon as the clouds parted, we ran for the door.

Chlorine dunked kids slathered in sunscreen smell good.

They do, for real, and I’ll take wet towels over wet boots and snowpants any day.


Fun Pool Pictures


Sure kids have paraded in and out of the house all week, but I don’t even care if they leave the door open.  I’m not worried about my precious heat escaping.  So, come and go at will.  No worries.

I didn’t bat an eye when I came home from getting my allergy shots the other day and my husband told me that girls opened my daughter’s window and proceeded to roll Squinkies down the kitchen roof.  I mean, bowling Squinkies in the rain almost sounds fun.  Sure I fear it may turn into children rolling down the roof in the rain, but those are tomorrow’s worries.  Today, I will revel in the fact that they entertained themselves.

Little things become magical in summer.


FringeMan with a funny look


One little boy at the pool mistook FringeMan for a professional wrestler.  Even when FringeMan assured the child he was not the wrestler, the kid looked suspicious and kept probing.

I know FringeMan’s got the moves.  He totally could have put on a show for this kid.


Summer Fun:  The Pool

But, here’s what I need to know.  Who moved the 4th of July to next week?

Is it nearly July?  Already??

Maybe I’ve just been sniffing too many paint fumes, but time is rushing by faster than the water is rushing down my street.  Someone tell it to slow down.


Kids playing in the pool


I actually heard a mommy utter the words school supplies the other day.  I wanted to choke her.  We haven’t even bought beach towels yet.

I did buy a proper animal print shower cap though.  I know some of you are wondering if I’m still wearing a plastic bag on my head.  No, I’ve upgraded, but I must be honest.  The bag fit better.  Whose head is that small?  By the time I tuck my hair under, it look like I’m wearing a child’s swim cap.  But, it’s Cheetah print, you know?  So that makes me a young eight-two.

Speaking of shower caps and the nice man who works at our all purpose gas station / mini market and gives my husband extra bags for my head…

Last night I had a migraine.  After a few hours with my head stuck under a pillow, I emerged the winner, a hungry winner who wanted to make popcorn.  When my husband saw me rifling through the cabinets and counting corn kernels, he offered to fetch me a new bag.  Only our super-station didn’t have popcorn.

What?  No corn kernals or proper shower caps??  And you call yourself a respectable shop?  I think not.

I’ll give it to the nice guy at the gas station though, he’s quick on his feet.  He actually sent my husband over to the little theater in town to pick me up a bag of movie-theater popcorn.

Movie-theater popcorn is my love language.

Thank you FringeMan.  You spoke pop-corn to my stomach and love to my heart.

……….that’s what I wrote last night.


Flooding in NY - 2013


……….this morning……….


New River - Flood NY 2013

I woke to a flood, raging rivers swirling around my house.  We should be living on dry ground my friends, but no more.

A river runs through my basement (sounds like a movie or a song or something).

Our town is built in a giant valley with houses going up the mountains on either side.  We live on one of the streets carved out near the top of the mountain, but the people on the bottom.  It’s not good, not good at all.


flooding 2013 NY

It’s also still raining.


There are entire parts of town under water.  People are canoeing down the streets.

Please pray the rain stops.

I know the sun will come out tomorrow, or maybe the next, but in the meantime, we’re flooding.



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  1. says

    Holy moly I can’t imagine!! Glad it’s not your living room flooding! I’m with you on the 4th of july… what? Already?!!

  2. says

    Oh no on the flood! I hope there is not too much damage! That picture looked a little scary to me!! And no one should be talking school supplies right now!! The kids just got out! I don’t want to think about anything school related for a while!!

  3. says

    I think the flooding is lots of places — my son in Wisconsin was biking home after work and almost ran over a small carp swimming on the bike path…
    the sun is out here today; hope it is in NY as well…

  4. says

    Ouch and I was just complaining the triple digit weather we have had for the last two days and the promise of more to come in the next week. Hope things dry out for you all soon!

  5. says

    Yikes! I was lovin’ those summer fun pics and then BAM! I’m sorry to hear about this and will be praying that the skies stop leaking!

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