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Fiction Friday

Dum, dum, dum, DUM!

Fiction Friday begins next week!

Write a piece of fiction – short or long, good or bad, funny or serious – we’ll read it and provide feedback.  We are not critiques, but cheerleaders, encouraging you to write, write, WRITE.

Please spread the word.  Tell your friends, family, neighbors and fellow blog readers.  There’s an opportunity for writers to sharpen their pencils, mince their words, and practice their craft.  There will be many eager readers and supporters.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Write fiction.
  2. Provide a link back to my Fiction Friday post right here on The Domestic Fringe.
  3. Add your specific URL to the Mr. Linky (provided next week on my blog).
  4. Read other blogger’s fiction and give some comment love.
  5. Throw caution to the wind and take a chance.

I added number five for me, because yesterday I panicked a little at the thought of letting you read my fiction.

I’m plain uncomfortable posting my writing, and I mean the kind of uncomfortable that comes when you’re wearing jeans that are two sizes too small and then you eat a Thanksgiving dinner.  The discomfort cannot be ignored.

I write here nearly every day and it’s easy.  I know my life, the funny things my children say, and the silly situations I put myself in.  I live my blog, but fiction is an unknown and scary world.

I don’t know my characters well enough to introduce them to you.  I cannot even predict what they will do or say.  I’m just gaining their trust.  Can I present them to you already?

Are you even ready to meet them?

I am not ready for introductions, but I’m going to risk it all.  I hope you will too.  Please don’t allow fear of failure to stop you from writing, from doing what you love.

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Join us next Friday when we all showcase our writing.  I’ll be here.  will you?


The funny thing is I am not even here today!  I am in Vermont visiting with old friends from Maine and going to a concert.  You call people from Maine Mainers, but what do you call people from Vermont?

Vermonters?  Vermontians?  Vermins?

No, can’t me that.

Enlighten me oh wise ones.

Hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I am sure to be enjoying mine.  Happy Friday!


  1. says

    I’m looking forward to reading what you write! I think with the humor and zest for life that you show, you will have a great imagination. And I already know you’re a great writer.

  2. says

    I’m looking forward to meeting your characters! I’d promise to participate, but deadlines paralyze me. If I have something to contribute, it’s yours!

  3. Karen says

    I’m looking forward to reading the fiction too. Not sure how I feel about writing some though!

    My son suggests “Vermontans”.


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