So, I’ve been on a Diet

You all know I’ve been on a diet, right?

Only diet seems to be a four letter word.  It’s a healthy eating plan.  It’s a new outlook, a renewed relationship with food.  It’s for life.

That kind of makes me want to jump off the nearest bridge, because it smacks of donut shops with a big red circle with a line go through it, as in no more, not for the rest of your life.  But, here’s an apple.  *Smile Big*

Healthy eating plan says I will be measuring exactly two teaspoons of Salted Caramel Mocha creamer for every cup of coffee and then recording the calories.

How far away is that bridge?

I kind of like the word diet.  There’s something romantic about it.  I can totally see myself romancing a bag of baby carrots, all the while knowing there are better days a coming…like that large bacon pizza with extra gooey, greasy cheese.

It’s a coming!  So hang on to your skinny jeans and get ready!

Just kidding.  I broke-up with skinny jeans a long time ago, mostly because they don’t come in husky.

Humor over Fashion Trends, namely Skinny Jeans. One girl's battle with big legs and small pants.

They say metabolism slows after forty.

I believe them.

My metabolism is already planning my fortieth birthday party.  In fact, I think I can hear noise makers in the not so distance future.

My metabolism is working behind the scenes to foil my plans for a tight midsection and thighs that don’t jiggle.  When I wake up in the morning, my metabolism goes to sleep.  While it should be feasting on my fat, it’s snoring.

I’m firing my metabolism.  Sorry, no party for me.

So, I’ve been on a diet.

Although I may whine and complain about my diet healthy eating plan, It works.  I’ve lost four pounds and a total of eight inches.  Take that lazy metabolism!

Christmas Crunch Challenge

If you’ve been on the fence about losing weight, getting healthier, and exercising, you should take the plunge (not off the bridge!) and join Phase 2 of the Christmas Crunch Challenge.  Although you must divulge your weight and measurements, it’s a super-supportive group of women who will be on your side.  They’ll cheer you on, pray for you, and encourage you to be the best you can be.

So, who wants in?

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    Oh, girl? My metabolism started planning for my 40th bday at 30!!! I’m gonna be cheering you and those skinny jeans on. You are so gonna DO this. I’ll be waiting at the finish line with a bottle of water for you. And an owl cupcake. ;)

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