Jealous of a Lizard’s Life

The men in my family are outside setting cricket traps, because everybody wants to start a breeding program for crickets.  Don’t they?

I should have gone to agricultural school since I’m practically living on a farm.  Slippy the lizard is more pampered than me.  He gets his cage misted twice a day and suns himself under a UV light.  Hello people!  It’s my job to lay in the sun and get misted.

So this is what life comes to…being jealous of a long-tailed lizard.  I never would have thought it.

For the record, I like Hot Shot the fish better than the lizard.  He’s quite a social fish as far as fish go.  I suppose it says something about my social life when I’m spending time with a fish.

The other animals we’re breading are spiders and dust bunnies.  I’m particularly concerned about the spider hanging from the ceiling right above my bed.  I was hoping he would just move on, but he seems to be lurking in the shadows waiting for me to rest my head on the pillow.

A bug-less world is the one good thing about winter.

You didn’t come here to hear about my exotic animals (reptiles or insects) though, so let’s change the subject, shall we?

Let’s talk about boys, tween boys.  They are odd creatures.  My son, not quite child, not quite teen is becoming more unusual with each passing day.  Tonight on our walk by the river, he dropped to the ground and somersaulted down the road before I could wonder at his unusual behavior.  He’s antsy, crawling out of his skin and I’m not sure how to keep him busy and fulfilled.

I remember wishing I was teenager, grown up enough to be a big kid, but not quite old enough to pay rent.  Those were the good old days.  I can relate to girls, the shopping, the whispering about boys, the senseless chatter, but boys…I don’t know about them.

Since my son wants to battle boats (really he just wants to battle and doesn’t understand why we won’t buy him a sharpened sword so he can practice sword fighting with his friends), FringeMan bought a few remote control boats.  It’s a guy thing they can do together.  Kind of like “you sunk my battleship” and stuff.

Whatever floats their boats!

(Did you catch that?  Pun intended.  I’m all kinds of witty tonight.)

Anyway I’ll just stop chattering and show you some pictures.  Notice that Barbie has as good a life as the lizard.

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So what keeps your boys busy?


  1. says

    My youngest is happy rolling in dirt. I think he has a contest with himself every day to see if he can get dirtier than the day before. Maybe there is a world record I am unaware of??

  2. says

    Boys.. that’s an alien word. I told my girls that they are yucky. So far they believe me…for now. They do all get strange in the tween years don’t they. Did we? Good luck with yours!! Your lizard sounds really lucky though, just like my spoiled cat.

  3. says

    Boys, I know absolutely nothing about them. I cannot help you. Do you mean breeding or do you really want breaded crickets??? ;)

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