Just so you know I didn’t jump off a bridge…

Ok, last post was pretty depressing.  Sorry about that.  I’m taking full liberty with my calendar and blaming it on January, but I have birthday party for my son this weekend and there’s no time to be sad and moody.

This may be the most random post in the history of the fringe, but work with me people.  The last post had me giving up on life.  This has to be an improvement.

*  I’ve discovered the cure for stomach problems that have plagued me for years.  I have what they term IBS.  I won’t get into it, because it would be like discussions around a holiday table with my family.

Just know that heartburn and other issues plague me, no matter what I eat; however, I started a diet on January 2.  Don’t get excited, because I’ve only lost 4 pounds.  You can tell I cheat a lot.

image via Pinterest

My point is that on the days I’m on my diet, I eat about 6 times throughout the course of the day, but I only consume about 1400-1500 calories.  That means I eat really low-calorie, but filling things in small portions.  It totally cures my stomach ills.  The moment I over-eat or just eat 3 normal size portions, I’m sick.  It’s incredible.

Who knew I would have to become a bird after I turned thirty.  No one told me!

image via Pinterest

* I really am trying to stick to my diet, but it’s hard.  You know?  I’m more like a turkey than I am a parakeet.  FringeMan wishes I was more of a love bird, but that’s another story.

* I’m thinking all “love” posts for February.  Now don’t get panicky and jump ship (no offense Mr. Italian Captain), because I’m not going mushy for a whole month.  There’s lots to love in this world, and I’m trying to tap my elusive creative side.

* I’ve decided that I want a really cute new pair of shoes and a new bag for my birthday.  My birthday is in February, but I’ll probably shop in April or so.  That’s what happens when your birthday is after Christmas and both your children’s birthdays.  It’s all good with me though.  I think it prolongs the aging process.  I gain a few months, because a birthday isn’t a birthday until you’ve bought yourself a present.

Someone needs to write that down and claim it.

*  I don’t know where to shop for cute shoes and a bag.  I’m looking for stylin’, groovin’, chic, classy, comfortable, cute, trendy shoes.  I’m thinking Anthropologie on a Payless budget.

Help a girl out.  Suggest a few places please.

I know Payless has some cute shoes.  I’ve seen them on bloggers, but my Payless pretty much specializes in sneakers and lame-oh shoes.  Sorry Payless.  I know you purchase especially for the clientele you sell to, but there are a few of us who don’t where our pajamas grocery shopping.

Maybe that was mean, but I’ve taken to counting how many people I see in pj’s in Wal-Mart.  Is that snobby of me?

I simply have a difficult time understanding why people want to be seen in public looking like that.  I hide from mirrors in my own home when I look like that.

* I bought a box of ‘Cuties’ at the grocery store today.  Everyone’s been raving about them.  So far they live up to their name, but I haven’t eaten one yet.  I’ll let you know.

Now it’s your turn – What’s the random in your life?

And, don’t tell me if you wear pajamas to the grocery store.

Ok, you can tell me, but I’m adding another check mark to my list and you’ll end up in my total number of pj wearers.  Just a warning. ;-)

Thank you all for your kind comments yesterday.  I appreciate each of you.


  1. oh my – humor is the essence of life and there is not better place to find it than people watching at walmart – just don’t go jump off that bridge after – ha!!

  2. I love Cuties! Had one as a snack at work this afternoon.

  3. Ackkk, people of Wal-Mart! What’s random in my life? Well, the easy answer to that is this : ALL THINGS!

  4. Love those little oranges! Four pounds is great – I would be happy right now with a 4 pound loss (I’m only down 2). I need to spend less time at the computer and more time MOVING! PJs worn to the store? I don’t get that either. I could never leave the house in my PJs. Do you have a TJ Max or Ross? Both are good places for shoes/bags at good prices.

  5. Um, what’s a cutie? We Canadians are so behind the times.

  6. New shoes and bag: Rockin’ stylin’ on a budget? Target!! The company has been teaming with high end designers for a few years now; think limited edition collection and selling out fast, but oh so worth the dash to the store! I haven’t read anything yet about who the ‘spring’ designer will be.
    PJs at WalMart: Girl, where on earth do you live? No one, and I mean no one, would appear at a WalMart around here dressed like that. Although. . .come to think of it. . . the nearest WalMart to us isn’t near at all. And based on how those people are dressed I am ever so thankful!

  7. Four pounds is something! Wish I could lose that and keep it off. I can lose in the summer but gain it back in the winter.

    So glad to have your smile back.

    And I know all about heartburn!

  8. That’s always a joke folks tell–pj wearers in Walmart. I never thought it was really true. I guess I don’t go there enough. Now granted, it’s more modest than some things, but really . . . a housecoat! And the leopard thing. Yikes!

  9. Now this is the fringegirl we all know and love!!!

  10. Humour does help, doesn’t it – you’re great!

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