Life is too Short to Drink Bad Coffee

Main Street Caffe - American Coffee Shop


I’m joining Lisa Leonard in Saying Hello to Monday and Hello to our downtown Cafe.

I’m a fan of coffee shops.

I almost like the idea of sitting around a coffee shop with friends more than I like the idea of drinking coffee.  Does that make any sense?


Downtown Coffee Shop


Little hole in the wall places are usually the best, and this coffee shop on Main Street is definitely a tiny place with a lot of personality.


cafe chair


My son has been wanting to take me to this coffee shop for a long time.  He loves their cinnamon rolls, so early Saturday morning, we decided to go visit.


Fiesta Ware type coffee mug


I had a cup of decaf and my kids had a cinnamon roll and a drink.  My son chose a fruity blend of hot tea.

We talked about musicians and composers and Shakespeare.

Our conversation may have been influenced by our surroundings; I’m not sure, but my children were into having an intellectual conversation.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have ordered decaf.


FringeKids in coffee shop


You never realize how much liquid a coffee mug holds until you spill it.

These orange mugs hold an awful lot of liquid.

My son accidentally toppled his mug and hot tea went everywhere.  Poor kid felt so bad, but we cleaned it up.  As they say, accidents happen.


FringeGirl is coffee shop


“Honey, spilling a mug of tea is nothing.”  I assured.  “Once, I set a table on fire.”

My kids couldn’t believe it, but I told them to call my uncle.  He loves telling the story.

All I know is that restaurants with candles are dangerous.  When I uncovered the bread basket, I never even saw the napkin go right into the flame.  My family was all jabbering away, waiting for dinner to come, when the bread basket suddenly went up in flames.  Thinking fast, my uncle took a tall glass of ice water and doused the fire.

“Now, that was bad.”  I said.


downtown coffee shop


If you remember, our other coffee shop in town has a completely different personality.  I like both shops for different reasons

The other shop is much more casual and artistic.   I mean, they even had a boat hanging from the ceiling.  It’s the type of place where you engage in ridiculous conversations with complete strangers.

This shop is a little more serious.  It invites intellectual discussions.


life is too short to drink bad coffee


We don’t have any Starbucks or $5 dollar fancy coffees, but we have two wildly diverse cafes, and I think that may be even better than Starbucks.


FringeBoy at the coffee shop



What about you?

Do you like to hang out in coffee shops?

Are you a Starbucks fan or do you prefer little cafes with lots of personality?


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  1. I’m definitely a fan of locally-owned coffee houses. The closest one to me, alas, is in a hot retail neighborhood (read: hard to get to), so I don’t think about it much. I’ve been so wrapped up in the drama of my teething one-year-old that I’ve completely forgotten about them. So sad. And I just bought our most expensive coffee maker ever, so you know good coffee is really important to me haha! That said, this is a good reminder that it is physically possible to drag our butts down to the hipster ‘hood coffee house on a Saturday morning.

    I once flung a shrimp five feet off the table. I was about 15 and suitably mortified. Our stories would be far less interesting without these gaffes!

  2. What a handsome guy you have there. I like hole in the wall places, too. I guess people know they are the best, so they don’t have to advertise so much. Love my coffee!

  3. Love cute coffee shop and cafes but we don’t have any in our usual driving range. However, frozen yogurt places are that are cute and much too easy to go too. It is always a treat to go to those special places with your kiddos, isn’t it?

  4. I love little cafe’s! This makes me want to look for one. My husband and I used to love to discover little unknown places to eat and they were our favorites. I think maybe I’ll have to restart this tradition with my son. We just went to Dunn Bros last week for a little date after he had a tough day in school. It is more relaxed than the rest of the coffee shops in our area.

  5. cute post. cute coffee place.

    we have a local place that is our favorite. i’m there once a week, and always have the barista surprise me with whatever drink they want to make.

    i say that i “drink socially.” coffee is so much better with a friend and good conversation.

    • Denise, Yes! I know exactly what you mean when you say you “drink socially”. I was that kind of coffee drinker for a very long time. Now, I’ll have a cup at home most days, but it’s always so much better when you’re with people you love.

      BTW, I’m also a “social scrapbooker”. Since I lost my scrapping posse years ago, I never went back to it.

  6. That looks like an awesome place! I much prefer cafes like this over Starbucks. And the table fire…you always crack me up!

    • Deanna, you know what’s funny? We LOVE to go get Starbucks when we travel, because we never get it at home. :-)

      And the table fire…only one of the many disasters I’ve caused in my life. I’m a bit accident prone. That’s the nice way to say it.

  7. I’m real desperate before I’ll enter a Starbucks. I much prefer the little ones and its NO FAIR that you have two of them, and I don’t even have one!!! That’s a downside of not living in town.

  8. Can’t wait to visit this one!


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