Liposuction is Looking Better Every Day


Liposuction is Looking Better Every Day - Diet & Weight Loss

I was walking on the high-school track the other night feeling pretty darn good about my three miles.

Heck, I even pumped and arm or two during my imaginary race around the circle.

That is, until Granny showed up.

This woman, who is considerably older, heavier, and more wrinkly than I, moved faster than the speed of my first car.


Is that really necessary?   Does exercise have to half-kill you and make you scream “U-N-C-L-E” before the warm-up is complete?

I wasn’t born wearing spandex and Nike shoes.  I’m not an athlete for heaven’s sake!  Maybe there should be a schedule on the fence.

6-7 pm. – Speed-walkers and Runners

7-8 pm. – Everyone who looks good in Spandex

8-9 pm. – All Those Who Want to Hide Their Fat under the Cover of Darkness

Is it too much to ask?  I’m just not a cardiovascular overachiever.  I’m more of a buy a cute pair of yoga pants and stroll around the block type of gal.  Sure I’d love the legs of a runner, I just don’t want to have to run to get them.

Osmosis anyone?

Maybe if I fall asleep to Chariots of Fire, I’ll wake up with legs of steel.

Ah, fugettaboutit.

I’ll just pop some pop-corn, put my feet up, and throw the 30 Day Shred into the DVD player.  Jillian works hard enough for all of us.

Despite my lazy girl’s approach to fitness, I have managed to lose 18 pounds.  Then I hit a wall and haven’t dropped another ounce, but who’s counting anyhow?

I’m always curious to find out what successful people are doing to lose weight.

Diet is subjective.

What works for me, probably won’t work for you.  I can’t swear off bagels for the rest of my life, and the thought of only drinking liquid food makes me want to run to the nearest fast-food joint and order a bacon cheeseburger.  I’m sorry.  I’m a fan of food.

But here’s the thing.  I’d like to maybe try one of your favorite dieting foods or tips to lose weight and be healthier.  If it worked for you, maybe it could work for me!  And maybe, just maybe, I can get past this thick wall of fat.

So, I’m going to share a handful of my favorite foods I’ve eaten over and over again while on my diet (quest to skinny thighs in case you hate the word diet), and then you share (in the comments) what foods or workouts have helped you lose weight.

It’s a bit of fat-fighting knowledge sharing.  It’s cheaper than Weight-Watchers and I won’t make you step on a scale.

You in?

Here are my foods:


I generally cut the wraps in half, so that’s 45 calories.  Then I spread on a thin layer of peanut butter, sprinkle on some granola, and lay a banana in the center.  I roll it all up and it for breakfast or lunch.

I used the high protein granola bars if I’m on the run.  They fill me up pretty well and can replace a breakfast or lunch if need be.  Sometimes it’s hard not to be near home during mealtime and this is easy.  I can just throw a bar in my purse.

The rest is just food.  I’m a big fan of an egg for breakfast.  Sometimes if I’m really hungry, I’ll have an egg and a slice of toast.  I know.  I’m a regular crazy woman.

One afternoon I emailed my friend (because we’re not cool enough to text each other) and told her I felt like I just went to the buffet.  I ate 10 almonds, 10 mini rice cakes, and an apple.  Hoo-ha!  That’s living Baby!!

Fruit and almonds are my staple snacks.  I generally eat 5 times a day.

So how about you?  Have you experienced weight-loss success?  Share your tips please.  My thighs will be eternally grateful.

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P.S. My toilet is sweating more than three fat men in a sauna.  No offense sauna loving fat men, but I need to know how to stop a toilet from sweating.  I hate stepping in puddles, because let’s face it, I have kids and I’m never 100% sure what I’m stepping in.

P.S.S.  Thank you for all the kind comments on my new dress.  I appreciate each of them.  You know to make a girl feel good.


  1. Karen says

    This blog post is so funny! :)

    I’m kind of a drifter when it comes to diets. When I was in my teens and early, I needed to gain weight, so this is new territory for me! I don’t have to lose much, but all the extra weight is my belly. I try to eat healthy and drink more water, eat less sugar,do more exercising, that sort of thing. It’s hard living in the breadbasket of Europe and try to give up bread and other carbs, so I do try to limit them.

    Blessings on your spring diet plan!

  2. says

    One of my friends has been very successful, so I’m trying to imitate him. Weight training two or three times a week, trying to build muscle, since that’s what burns the fat. I keep a log of every exercise because improvements in the amount of weight lifted and numbers of reps are encouragement that keeps me going. I can feel myself getting stronger and leaner. On days I don’t weight train, I try to hit the eliptical for at least 45 minutes at resistence level 12 and at a pace to go about 4 miles in that time, which burns about 500 calories.

    I’ve been eating at least six “mini-meals” a day, each high in protein, low in fat and carbs and averaging probably about 300 calories each. The idea is multiple smaller meals keep your metabolism up , your hunger away and your blood sugar steady. I’ve cut way back on sugars, especially sodas and alcohol. Also no breads or pastas. I’ve tried to stay away from all dairy and have switched to unsweetened almond milk. Mostly lean meat and vegetables and salads. Of course, I do “cheat” sometimes in certain social situations or special occasions, but I try to make that the exception.

    So far so good. I’ve lost about 5 lbs, but the thing is I’ve probably gained at least 5 lbs of muscle, so my fat loss is more like 10 lbs. I look better and feel a LOT better.

  3. says

    Almost every morning for breakfast I make 1 egg, 1 egg white mixed with some organic soy milk, s&p. While I’m mixin’ that I am frying up one chopped up turkey sausage link and a bunch of snipped scallions in a pan with veg. spray. Add the eggs and scramble. This whole thing is only 167 calories. I have it with a cup of bolthouse fruit smoothie mix to swallow down my vitamins (120 calories) and I am stuffed after breakfast for only 287 cals.

  4. says

    Hang in there with the diet. Try a different exercise. Like biking or swimming or something new. For the toilet, we had the same problem and put in a new toilet with an insulated tank. They’re the new standard and cost less than 100$ if you have someone handy enough to install it for you.

  5. says

    OMG loved the schedule for the walk time. Riot and soooo true!!!
    I had no tips and tricks. I currently put on another 10 pounds stuffing my face with badness. One of these days I’ll get a grip on myself and turn to salads…till then, keep up the GREAT work! :-) Thanks for sharing your secret weapons!

  6. says

    no offence to sauna loving fat men.
    ok, that’s my smile for the day….or forever. Whenever I get stressed I’m just going to hear you say that in my head and laugh.

    My ‘diet’ food, isn’t really food…it’s liquid. I don’t believe in drinking calories. Pop and juice (unless I’ve juiced it in my juicer) are not regulars in my life, neither are alcoholic drinks. I drink mostly water, green tea, and 1 coffee a day. It’s not much, but at least it’s one healthy choice I can feel good about as I’m eating my ice cream and pizza…”at least I’m not drinking even more calories.”

  7. says

    Your post resonates with me.
    I use Leslie Sansone’s DVD’s, and to monitor my calorie intake and set goals. I lost 11 pounds in four months, have so far kept it off, but there I seem to be pretty much stuck. I could stand to lose almost as much more (I’m a small person–petite–so don’t feel bad), and I’m not trying to get down to teenage weight or even pre-pregnant weight–just between there and where I am now!

    So I think my method works–but need to get over a hump. And no funny diets for this gal!

  8. says

    Hi~ I hopped over here from Messy Cars and Muddy Shoes where I’m guest blogging and saw you posted a comment and I must say I’m glad I did. I resemble most everything you said about fat sharing…although I haven’t lost 18 lbs (trying) and I can’t walk on our school track as i makes me feel like an old lady, but I do agree with the signs and wish people would abide by them.

    Fat losing techniques that have worked in the past Lifesource vitamins and collagen. I found the collagen especially restorative and I am back on both and they seem to be helping.with energy so I don’t eat stuff I shouldn’t because I’m sluggish and then I like to go to the gym and do a lot of stretching it really seems to aid in weightloss…I don’t know why and I’m shooting for a 10 minute mile on teh EFX, but am right around 11 minutes right now. Hope that was helpful and I look forward to reading more. You made me laugh and I’m sure that burned a calorie or two.

  9. valleygirl96 says

    I love your post! Just got on the scale today cuz I’m feeling flabby. Didn’t like those numbers, but the problem is I’m too darn lazy to do something about it. I own Jillian’s 30 day shred. I’d sure like to shred her about the time I’m finished doing one of those workouts! Best of luck to you, and when you’re finished feel free to lose a few for me too!

  10. says

    Darnit, did you have to say cheeseburger? Now I know what I’m having for lunch! lol

    When I’m hard core dieting (it’s been a while), I count calories and don’t allow myself more than 1200. It’s probably not the healthiest thing in the world, but it worked. These days, my self-control is ZIP, so I try to eat little bits of anything I want. If I want pizza, I eat one or two slices instead of four, and try to eat a salad, too. If I want ice cream, I eat one small scoop instead of two with all the extras. If I want candy, okay, candy, I always eat a lot of because I simply can’t help myself. lol

    What usually works for me more so than dieting is exercise. =/ And since I’ve started running more often, I’m actually starting to like it! *gasp*

  11. says

    I know what you’re saying. I’ve hit a plateau here as well. I’m afraid I’m going to have to *gasp* actually exercise. :) Lots and lots of water helps too. I’ve actually had liposuction too but that’s another story!

  12. says

    The sweating on the toilet is condensation. Cold water and toilet and warm air. Happens every time and nothing you can do about it other than central air conditioning. And even then, it can happen.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Just keep up the exercise and the good eating habits. One of these days, the next pound will fall off. Now, do I listen to my own advice???????

    • says

      Although central AC sounds wonderful, I don’t think it’s in my immediate future. I guess I’ll have to keep my shoes on. ;-)

      Thanks for the dieting encouragement. It’s always hardest to take our own advice. Believe me, I’m the queen of not listening to myself. ;-)

  13. says

    I’m right here with ya sister! I’m down 22 and stalled. Out. Here’s what was working really well:
    1) Leslie Sansone walking DVD’s love them and have been doing for 15 years. Low key, but work up a sweat. You can even wear your cute yoga pants (didn’t know there were any??) ha
    2) Hummus and baby carrots. Easy tonpack for on the run.
    3) egg beaters makes a “vegetable Garden” variety. I love to scramble that up and roll in a wrap similar to your flat wraps for breakfast or sometimes lunch.
    4) chiobani has a new flavor that I practically live on- blood red orange! That and pita chips or tabbouleh and pretzel chips is another great lunch.

    I got nothin’ for the sweating toilet, but sure do hope you can get it resolved soon. Stepping in unidentified puddles is never a goo thing. Eek!

    • says

      Oh, I’ve got one of those Leslie Sansone workout DVD’s….I think it’s called 5 Really Big Miles. I love it. My daughter does it with me. I feel like it’s just enough of a workout, but it doesn’t make me want to throw things at the TV.

      Thanks for the foodie ideas. They sound good.

      A friend suggested eating mostly protein for the stalled diet and ramping up the workouts. I think the protein is a good idea anyway. ;-)

  14. says

    Deanna has a point. If you keep up these posts, I’ll have a six-pack in no time! I went through a giant diet/exercise overhaul last year and lost a whole bunch of weight. I think the most important thing was just picking eating habits and workouts that I knew I could stick with. The liquid diet/ 3 hour workouts thing probably works wonders… but I could never keep that up past, say, half a day!
    P.S. I do The Shred a lot (against my will!) and I am convinced Jillian gets some sick, sick pleasure from torturing folks. That tape is ROUGH!

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