Living with Open Hands


Love fiercely but loosely. Don't hang on too tight.


This world – these words and family and fun times – I’ve been hanging on too tight.

I say “We only have this one chance, this one life.”

I don’t want to waste it, to do too little, experience less than I could, but really, it’s only a drop in the bucket, as they say.  I never understood that before, and I’m not sure I fully do now, but I see it a little more clearly.

This life, it’s not going to be around for long.

I look at the things I love, the people, my children’s faces, and I want to hang on forever and not let go.  I can’t let go.   But, they are not really mine after all.  They are a gift, to be enjoyed and set free.

I can’t hold tight forever, because time ticks on.

Although this life is short, I was wrong.   It’s not my only chance.

There are good things ahead, heaven really does wait for me.

It’s not just an imagination or a wonderland, it’s a real place made for me by the One who hangs on and never lets go.


And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. ~ John 10:28


I can’t number my days.  I don’t know when I’ve been enough.  When my journey will call me on, no bags required.

I do know today though.  I know I need to love fiercely, but loosely.  I can’t hang on too tight.

This isn’t my final destination.  I’ll get another shot, new life in the very presence of the One who breathed life into me.

Not very long ago, that thought made me want to stop the clock, freeze time and hang on tight, but heaven is becoming real.  I’m understanding more and more just how far God’s love reaches.

I don’t want these gifts I’ve been given to be pried from my tight fingers. I want to live with open hands, ready to receive and give back.

I’ve been hanging on too tight.


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  1. says

    Yes. I am terrible at letting things go. I want to eke out all the love and experiences I can from this life. I want to control and orchestrate everything. I want to be God. (Thank goodness I’m not!)

    But somedays, it’s clear that I’m not in control, that I don’t really know what I’m doing, that I can’t hold on forever. And it’s okay. Because God knows what’s best for me. And heaven is in store.

  2. says

    ——> “I don’t want these gifts I’ve been given to be pried from my tight fingers. I want to live with open hands, ready to receive and give back.”

    This. Wow. I love your reminder to receive – and give back. A piece of the puzzle often missing. Thanks for this!

  3. says

    Beautiful. This is what I wrote about open hands just last week: If we believe that all our stuff is from God and not of our own making or desiring, then we can share it more easily. Open hands are the outward evidence of an inner trust that God will provide us with what we need.
    I was writing about “stuff” but it could just as easily be “everything.”
    We all need reminders to open our hands. This was a tremendous one!

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