Mexican Birthdays a la Fringe

Birthday Balloon Confetti

I bought 96 hot dogs.

The copious amount of hot dogs, sugary drinks, and puffed fatty doodles are all for the birthday party on Saturday.

FringeMan is making marshmallow shooters for all of my son’s friends.  I suspect that the park will look like it rained marshmallows by the end of the day.

Who gets to gather the sticky, discarded marshmallows after it’s all over?  That’s what I want to know.

Those who have been hanging around The Domestic Fringe for a while know that I don’t create Pinterest worthy parties and I don’t stress because I don’t create Pinterest worthy parties.

I simply feed all the kids left in my care lots of sugar and then I let them run wild.

I’m lazy old-fashioned like that.

I checked out the parties on Pinterest and realized those parties would really be for me and not my kids, so why spend all the money and do all the work?  The kids just want cake and presents.  Let’s be realistic.

No worries though, my mother called from the party store and although she kept breaking up, I heard something about Mexican decorations and a big sale.

Depending on what’s in her bag, this party may be forever referred to as the Kid’s Big Fiesta.  I may have to skip the hot dog rolls and use flour tortillas instead.

No big deal.

I’m a little concerned about the rain, seeing as how I forgot to add a rain date to the invitations.  Maybe it will be a Mexican pool party, a la puddles in the park.

Either way, it will be fun and messy, of those two things I am sure.

DIY: Balloon Wreath

DIY Balloon Wreath

What are birthday’s like in your family?


Just so you don’t think you’re getting demential, my kid’s birthdays were six months ago.  We just delayed the party, because we’re all tired of snowy birthdays.

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  1. says

    Aww, that’s such an awesome idea! Snowy birthday parties probably get old after a while. lol Avi’s birthday is this weekend and I think we’re going to do something very similar in that we just grill up some dogs, eat some cake and get all sweaty playing on the swing set. =)

  2. says

    Best kids party I ever threw involved a blow up swimming pool, two pizzas, a homemade cake, and Koolaid. The entire party, pool included, was under $50, with the bonus being that we used the pool for 3 summers. KISMIF is what we say in scouting—-Keep It Simple Make It Fun. I’ve done Pinterest worthy parties too, and it was for me…the kids have fun either way.

  3. says

    Best line of the month – “I simply feed all the kids left in my care lots of sugar and then I let them run wild.” Amen, sister. Right. There. With ya!

  4. Natasha says

    I so agree with you that Pinterest worthy parties are mainly for show. I think as long as there lots of good food and people who know how to have a good time then everything else is nice but useless.

  5. says

    I’m with Debbie. Parents (mothers) who plan elaborate parties do it more to show,other parents how creative they are. The kids don’t care as long as they get the sugary food and party favors.

  6. says

    One year I did go all out and make harry potter candy and street signs and decorate the whole house with paraphenelia but mostly its a free-for-all. I was lucky to be able to use the church hall last year for my youngest and this year we went to a nature preserve. they each get two ‘fancy’ parties and the rest are home ones with a cake or a sleepover with a few friends. I’m quite proud of the Harry Potter one although exhausting. I am sure your son’s party is going to be awesome. I am thinking of delaying my daughter’s next year till summer so it’s nice to know there are other creatively bent minds out there . :oP

  7. says

    Well, since you mention it, one of my favorite things is a cheesy hot dog (the kind with the pockets of cheese already built in) rolled in a tortilla. ;)

    Hope it’s a grand time for all!

  8. says

    This one made me laugh—it is so true “The kids just want cake and presents.” All the rest is just frill and often for the adults. I love the idea of the marshmallow shooters—that will make it a memorable party for all who attend!

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