Mullets & Bobs – Unintended Hair Adventures

Many of you read about my hair adventure earlier in the week, the one where I walked into a salon for a trim and walked out with an updated version of the mullet.

Never thought I’d have to relive the mullet, but a nice young girl, who has no idea what kind of permanent psychological and emotional damage the mullet of the 80’s caused, fixed my hair.

She admitted it looked bizarre.

She was trying to be nice, but I assured her, no kind words were necessary, just a pair of sharp scissors and the ability to cut a straight line.  I would have done it myself, but my specialty cut is a buzz and I was trying to avoid that.


straight bob / curly bob - women's hair

There it is, about six inches shorter than I intended, but it works.

Keeping it straight is going to be tough, because the shorter the hair, the easier it curls.  It only needs one drop of moisture and it’s all over with.  There’s no extra length to help weigh the hair down and keep it straight.

This hair saga is officially over.

The End.

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    Looks like a happy ending to me! I’m a curly girl too, and while I used to have it cut so I could wear it straight or curly, I’ve given up on the former and embraced the latter (me and hair dryers don’t get along very well, and I ain’t got no time for that). That said, having the right stylist to address your hair’s needs is too important – I went around with crooked hair for years until I found someone to cut it semi-dry and *never* straight. Hope you’ve found a keeper!

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    You came out of the mullet adventure looking gorgeous! I am lovin’ the new ‘do. Straight or curly, both are adorable. Having been through my share of hair “adventures,” I know how stressful it can be. My advice: once you find a good stylist, hang on to her for dear life! They are few and far between. ;)

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    You look fabulous. Perky and young and darlin’! Straight or curly, it’s super cute. (And, I’ve discovered that a really good hair mousse applied to my damp hair will keep my own fro’ on the straight side for far longer than if I use none.) Word. ;)

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    It is super cute curly too! My hair does the same except for about 1/4 of it that is stick straight no matter what. You are just adorable no matter what your hair is like! :) Have a great weekend!

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