My Alter Ego

Last October our little town in Maine hosted a Fall Festival.  Students decorated pumpkins which lined Main Street, clowns painted faces, and a live musician sang children’s songs on the corner. 

The library even transformed into a haunted house.  Since I personally financed a wing of the library with my late fees, I had to attend! 

This fall festival provided the perfect opportunity to dress-up.  High heels, pretty dresses, and sparkly jewels are so much fun to wear; however, a girl doesn’t always need to look like a princess when she dresses-up. 

In October children everywhere transform themselves into princesses, pirates, and pixies.  Last year, my kid was a little hesitant to stray from his usual jeans and t-shirt and have some fun with costumes.

Because I’m such a kind, supportive, encouraging mother, I carted him from store to store in search of the “perfect” outfit.  The repressed child in me took over and suddenly I found myself…well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one may be worth several thousand.

Whew!  Had to break-out the Aquanet for this one.

In a small town, everybody knows who you are…especially when your husband is the local minister.  Nobody recognized me that day.  I can’t imagine why.

While waiting in line for face painting (not my face, my kids), a little girl thought I was so cool that she tried to fix me up with her dad…I couldn’t believe it.  Where was my husband!   Could he have been embarrassed to be seen with me?

Oh, there he is.  Those vitamins I ordered online were amazing.  I’d recommend them to all bald men.

The all American family.  That’s us!   I almost sent this picture on my Christmas cards.

Dressing-up is so much fun.  I’m excited to debut my next costume.
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  1. That’s awesome! It so fun to dress up and be a kid once again for a night. My oldest had a halloween party on Friday. I decided to have fun and dress up as Pippy Longstocking …. I was the only adult in costume but it was worth it!!

  2. you buncha freaks

  3. U R Crackin’ Me UP!

  4. A couple of us blog writers met in Waco today, and The Domestic Fringe came up. We agreed your site is humorous, well written, interesting, and enviable. High praise from fellow bloggers! Thought you’d want to know.

    The Texas Woman

  5. You are way cooler than I!

  6. Nice mohawk. Looks like you had a lot of fun stepping into a new identity!

  7. That’s so great! Love the hair. And I love the landscape in your picture even more. Beautiful!

  8. this is the BEST!!! Totally made me smile today! :) YOU are now the coolest pastor’s wife I know ;)

  9. That is about the funniest thing I’ve seen. Yeah, I’d invite those people to lunch. not….ha ha

  10. I absolutely love your writing and your sharing. What a hoot you are! Can’t wait to see what you wear this year. ~Mindy


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