My Confession & A Work of Art

I must confess.

Now listen up please, because I will only say it once.  I cannot  bear the guilt and shame of repeating myself.

As I sit here sniffing my cinnamon spice cookie candle, I am ready for fall.


Fall colors on a brook

There I said it.  I feel like a terrible weight is lifted from my shoulders.  I mean, you know how I am about summer.  I love me some flip-flops and sunscreen.  I whine and moan all winter long about not seeing the sun and temperatures that turn my blood to ice.  It’s a wonder I ever make it out of January, and it’s more of a wonder you read this blog in January, because I know I am not saying anything good.

But tonight I went to Wally-World, bought my kids underwear and socks, came home, and nestled into fall.  I think I am ready.  I mean, nothing says Welcome Fall like new underwear.

This is off topic, but I did not buy my kids any new outerwear for school – no shirts, no jeans, no new shoes.  Only underwear and socks. I guess I am not trying to impress their new teachers, but God forbid paramedics ever had to cut my kid’s jeans open, they would be wearing brand spankin’ new undies, no holes.  It’s all about priorities people, or a fear-filled psychosis instilled in me as child.

“Make sure you put on clean underwear.  You never know when you’ll get hit by a car!”

So said my mother.  Over and over again.

Back to fall…

This weekend we drove to Vermont, because FringeMan was preaching in a church out there.  Vermont is gorgeous, like snap a dozen pictures and make a calendar kind of gorgeous.  It’s all New England-y and mountain-y and pretty, in a natural kind of way.  Of course they do not have cell service, internet, or any common form of civilization, but it is gorgeous just the same.

This weekend made me realize I am ready for fall.  Fall is pumpkins and falling leaves, cider and spice.  Fall is the cozy kind of colors that make you want to wrap yourself in a blanket, sit on the porch, and drink a cup of Chai.

I love this time of the year.

Now you would think I took a whole bunch of photos while in Vermont.  You would think.  However, it was a round trip in twenty-four hours and I just did not get a chance to snap pictures.

Except this one.

Folk Art in VermontIgnore the telephone pole.  We took this from the car.   Please note the arrow though.  It is pointing to my favorite piece of Vermont folk art.  It’s a painting with very large teeth, and in his teeth, is a zombie like person.

You know how art is subjective?  Well, I kind of get this piece.  I identify with the thought the artist is trying to convey – Don’t mess with me before my morning coffee or you’ll be breakfast.

I get that.

And so my friends, as we celebrate the early birth of fall, let us remember not to mess with Vermonters or you may the next great work of art.

How about it…you ready to kiss this summer goodbye?

All I know is that I am stocking up on all varieties of cinnamon spice and gingerbread candles.  I love these things!


  1. I am totally ready! I only hope our fall is followed by an actual winter, which we did not get last year. The weatherman says only a few more days of heat and humidity for us. I can’t wait to be able to breathe again!

  2. Yes. Yes, I am indeed ready for fall! Sadly, once the kids hit school, it doesn’t matter whether it’s August 20 or September 5th, I’m ready. (And I don’t get anything with zombies, but your interpretation of this particular piece of art? That, I get.) Ha.

  3. I am ready for autumn! I have my “welcome fall” sign on the door, and my fall decorations up at home and work!

  4. Yay! Welcome to the Fall waiting group. ;) We are the opposite in that regard. I like one month of summer than I hate it. Give me fall, spring, and winter all year long. :)

  5. I absolutely agree with you! I love love love fall and spring. It has to be a toss up for me though but that’s even better because I get 2 seasons to enjoy!

  6. Vermont begs the fall. She looks her best then. And I am ready feeling anticipation for colors, crisp air and a coziness than air conditioning just can’t match.

  7. I’m SOOOO ready for fall! I love summer, too, but it’s Fall’s time now. And Wally World has a $3.25 Apple Cider candle that will make all of your dreams come true. Just sayin!

  8. Oh, that river reminds me so much of our lovely Moose River in Vermont where we spent two months this summer!!! I miss hearing the lovely sound of rushing water during every waking hour. Ahhhhh………

  9. You are such a delight!

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