My Kid’s Loose Lips

If you follow along with The Domestic Fringe on Facebook, you probably saw this status update.

My daughter just got home from school. She half opened the door and yelled (for all the parents waiting at the bus stop in my driveway to hear), “You’re still in your bathrobe!!!
For the record, I am showered, hair done, makeup on, and I’m fully dressed. I was COLD! So I put my robe on to warm up. Sheesh. Some people’s kids.

My kids have a knack for saying the worst things about me.  The minute we get in public, their lips let loose.  My mother probably says the same thing about me.

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I’d like to say it was worse when they were little, but that’s not true.  When they were really young, all the terrible things they said were made up stories, imaginations run wild.  Now there is a semblance of truth behind what they blab about, making it all the more embarrassing.

When my son was about five years old, he told the pediatrician I fed him squirrel.  The kid was convincing.  I even questioned dinner from the night before.  The doctor looked at me like I had three heads.  I saw little question marks pop into her eyes.  Then my son preceded to tell her an elaborate story of how we caught the squirrels.

I swore I never, ever fed him a squirrel.  Maybe some chicken beyond proper identification, but never squirrel.  I still don’t think she believed me, and how can I blame her.  My son was convincing.

In fact, my husband worried he would grow up to be a conniving little liar.  I was pretty sure this was one of those awkward kid stages, the kind where the lines between imagination and reality blurred, but every once in a while I doubted my judgement.

Thank God he outgrew the stories.  Now he just tells the truth and honestly, sometimes the truth is far worse than the fiction.

I am sure you can relate, because I suppose my kids are not so different from yours.

So do tell.  What have your children said about you?



  1. Mandi says

    Bedtime is a battle with my energetic 6 year old. Last Mother’s Day she made a book about things mom likes. My fave thing to do is sleep! I guess it’s what I complain about needing more of.

  2. says

    I don’t have a problem with you being in your robe or pajamas in the afternoon. They’re comfy, warm, and comforting. Saves wear and tear on your street clothes.

  3. says

    My hubby tells a story that, as a little boy lost at the grocery store, he told a whopper. His momma came to claim him at the service desk, and he said he didn’t know her!!!!! Can you imagine?!?! I’m terrified our son will follow his lead…

  4. says

    My boys tried to encourage me when I was losing weight by complimenting me a lot. I made the mistake of asking if they could really tell a difference or not, and one of them answered, “Sure we can. Your arms aren’t nearly as big as they used to be.”

  5. says

    I’m not sure what they say about me but my goodness G1 can tell some pretty far out stories about his friends pet snake to what is going on somewhere else. While his mom cautions him not to tell lies I tell him he has a wonderful imagination and I hope someday he will become a writer! betcha your son will too!!

  6. says

    While trying on shoes one day my oldest son said, ‘those don’t look good on you…they’re for young, skinny girls’.
    Or the time I vocalized how I was hiding from a certain person that I had seen…well that certain person seen me…there was no more hiding…so when they came over before anything could be said…my son said, ‘she was hiding from you’. {never again have I spoke such words in front of him}

  7. Mom says

    On parents night every September before school started, I would tell the parents that I won’t believe everything their kids tell me about them, if they don’t believe everything their kids tell them about me!

  8. says

    too funny… I love the imagination and unabashed way kids just blurt things out.. once my daughter blurted out in the checkout line (of a store I never returned to) “Mom, you need to get rid of that mustache”..Geez, it was a shadow not like a real mustache.. i was so embarrassed ;-)

  9. says

    I frequently ask my daughter how I’m looking. Because I know at 4years old she speaks truth if some what imaginative. At 35weeks pregnant I always expect her to tell me I’m fat or something… But she never has. She always says I’m pretty. Great self image boost :-)

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