My Maine Find

In my post where I debuted my lovely covington blue cabinet, I left this sign sitting on the floor.  Several people left comments saying that they liked it, so I thought I’d show you the hung version.  I cannot tell you exactly why I like this sign SO much, but I love it.  It spoke to me one morning on our vacation and it said, “Buy me!  Do it for your Town & Country.”

There was nothing to do but open my wallet, swat at the escaping moths, and hand over $2.  Yard sales happen to be my number one favorite place to shop.  I’d do so well in countries with open air markets.

I even went junking on my vacation…Maine is such a great place to junk…everything is old in Maine.  Yard sales were not the only reason I awoke before the roosters (on my VACATION!).

Yes, I can hardly believe it myself; however, ON MY VACATION, I did drag my lazy body out of bed to catch a chilly sunrise.  Unfortunately, my waves were a mass of corkscrew like hay blown haphazardly around my head.  No, I don’t have a picture! 

The fact that my hair expands at night as if it were being pumped with air like a mattress never reaching its maximum firmness, does nothing to help my pre-shower appearance.  After almost 11 years, my husband (bald, I might add) still gawks at me upon awakening.

Did I mention my kids?

They were NOT interested in seeing a sunrise; however, it was one of those moments in life that I, as their parent, felt certain would be momentous.  So, at precisely 5 am, my husband and I dragged the children from their bunks.  With sleep crusted eyes, a staggering gate, and moans of protest, my husband half-dragged, half-carried my son into the shower. 

As if the streams of never quite hot water were not enough persecution, my husband, in his best drill sargeant’s voice, stood outside the shower curtain grunting things like, “Come on boy, what’s takin you so long?” and “Do you think we’ve got all day…Move, Move, Move!”

No, it was not a happy morning for my children and they were unimpressed by a coastal sunrise.  Did I mention the fact that an extremely thick fog cut down on visibility?  I did get some great pictures of a “lobstah” trap and that made the morning worth while in my book.

Don’t you think this was worth too little sleep?


  1. TWO dollars? What an amazing steal! I can’t blame you for snappin’ it up. :) Sometimes the best deals are at yard sales. We had a disappointing “season” here this summer, with so few sales. Made me sad…

  2. Love that sign!!!! We have been to Bangor, ME many times- it is on the way when we go see my parents.

  3. i like the sign. i love old stuff and the fact that i used to live in bangor makes me wish i had one hanging on my wall.

    great pics of the sunrise and i’m impressed that you’d get up and get your kids up too. that’s hard to rationalize when you’re on vacation.

  4. I love love love the sign. A yard sale treasure for sure.

  5. The sunrise is gorgeous! I bet your peeps will remember that time with fond memories when they get older. I’ve never been to Maine, or most places in the Northeast.

    But I would love to go junkin’ with you. It’s one of my favorite things to do. My mama calls her local thrift store “Neiman’s”, and the Goodwill store is “Saks”.

  6. I love the sign more now. Two bucks. You go, girl! And could you have loaded up the lobster trap, too? Cool sunrise, even with the grumpy munchkins, I bet. ~Mindy

  7. Yeah… You are so sweet to accept my challenge.

    I’m gonna type a book…so can I do it on an email instead?

    Email me at


  8. Beautiful!!

    I need to make a deal with you. Since you love to go to yard sales…and we are in need of English written childrens books, maybe you could keep your eyes open for us? Let me know what you find.

  9. I love the sign too~I can see why you enjoy it so much! I love looking in antique malls and thrift stores. You truly do not know what unexpected treasure is just waiting for you to find it!

  10. Definitely worth it! How beautiful…I’ve always wanted to go to Maine.


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