My mamma told me there’d be days like this.

Some days just do this to me.

Tell me I’m not alone.


  1. ROFL! Great shot!! I have days like that too

  2. Lolzzzzzzzzz

  3. My mom is scared that everyday is like this in my life! She freaks out all the more! :)

  4. Definitely not the only one!

  5. You are certainly not alone!
    Happy Weekend My Friend!

  6. Mama told me too..and with any luck they are more not less!!!

  7. LIFE does that to me!

  8. You are not alone. Do I detect a grin there? :)

  9. At least it’s a happy crazy face. My crazy face looks much more foreboding. I think I wore it a lot this morning, too, because it felt weird when I smiled.

  10. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    That would be a normal grin around my house…..of course, it is just me and the cats here most of the time…..but they do like to grin….. :)

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