My Mental Struggle

Although I am hesitant to disclose yet MORE personal information about myself, I am burdened by my inadequacies.  I am even more desperate for answers to my nagging questions.

My confessions seem to have liberated some in cyberspace and I am happy for even the small breakthroughs my insanity has initiated.  Currently I am struggling with the question, “When have I said too much?”

If you get to know me too well, I may lose your vote for president in 4 years.  As a matter of fact, DON’T VOTE FOR ME.  Our world will be safer that way.  Imagine the scandal if my panties show up in one of those black limos, or worse, on the White House lawn!

Besides, there is so much I don’t know.  That’s what is weighing heavy on me.  Contrary to my children’s belief that I dropped out of school in the second grade, I am educated (technically); however, I find large gaps of knowledge missing from my simple mind…especially in bloggerspace.

The Texas Woman gave a wonderful definition of “blogships” yesterday and that got me thinking (scary, but hang on, I think this idea is a good one) that I need a dictionary of bloggerisms. 

In one comment, I read ROFL.  Puzzled, I thought, Running On Full Legs…since that’s what I do daily.  I kept reading and it just didn’t seem to fit the context of the comment.  With dawning realization it hit me (like a lightening bolt) – Rolling On The Floor Laughing.  Am I right?

I struggle with so many more of these terms.  Perhaps it’s because I don’t text often.  In fact, I hate using the phone.  Perhaps it’s because I’m electronically challenged.  After all, I’m still playing Atari – “an old people’s game,” according to my son’s friends.

When I recently read the word “Meme,” scenes from Gone With The Wind immediately played on my mind’s screen.  Didn’t Scarlet have a “Meme?”

Now you KNOW why you cannot possibly vote for me in 4 years.  There’s such a lack of knowlege that I don’t think I can possibly be competent for the job.  Well, on second thought…maybe I have a chance…just a joke…relax.  My mom is already asking to live in White House.  Imagine that!  No Red Cross bathrooms in the White House mom.  You may not like living there after all.

Would anyone consider writing a bloggy dictionary for those of us who are challenged?  We need your help!


  1. I agree…I could contribute but couldn’t write the whole thing!

  2. ROFL! Er, that IS to say, you’ve got me rolling on the floor laughing. ;)

  3. Thanks for stopping by & leaving some comment love!
    That could be a term for your bloggy dictionary : )
    I could be a contributing author, however I am w/you in still figuring out some abbreviations. Like what’s the deal with all the “DD”, “DS” or “DH”?! I am thinking it means “Dear Daughter” & so on, however I am not 100% on my answer.
    Oh so much too learn & so little time?!?

  4. What a great idea! You probably do not want me to write it though…..for the longest time I though LOL (laugh out loud) meant “Lots of Love”…..when I got a post from my pastor with it….I knew I best check it out :)

    And Miss Scarlett….by the way…..had a “Mammy” and a “Prissy” :) I know this, becuase I am a GWTWG (Gone with the Wind Girl)…..with a name like Scarlett, can I not be??

  5. We could make up a dictionary with our own words and letters! It would drive people crazy. They’d think they were way behind the curve! We’d use lots of Zs and Qs.


    The Texas Woman

  6. Oh, I’ve been where you are. But at least you figured out ROFL! I had to ask what if was! And Atari ROCKS! Wish I still had one. Instead I have to play games like Lego People Batman bashing other lego things! Real fun, let me tell ya. Though my kids bought me one of those four in one games with Pacman. At least I can “school” them in that! Yay, “school” them is a term I learned from my teen. Live and learn!

  7. What a great idea! Hurry up so I can get a copy. Debbie

  8. Well I certainly can’t help with the dictionary. But if you get one, send me a copy!

    I’ve got a treat for you on my blog today! Hope you like it! After your fancy fix up I thought you deserved it.

  9. i could contribute to such a dictionary but not write the whole thing. these are actually part of the language that originated for talking online (IM) or texting and created mostly by teens. now they’ve become part of the bigger landscape and used frequently by many – bloggers included. meme actually originated with bloggers.

    if there’s one that stumps you, feel free to ask. i may know the answer.

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