My Mission: Organization Part 2

I couldn’t leave yesterday’s post alone, now could I?  There had to be a part two, because by now, every single one of you thinks I am a slob.  I am not.  I’ve been reformed!

I ran to the dollar store and bought eight little plastic boxes.  Eight isn’t a magic number, but since I had a $10 bill, it worked with the budget.

Those little drawer organizers came in sets of three.  Now that’s a bargain!  The colors are what they had and cheapskates can’t be worried about the color of organizers that will be hidden in drawers and cabinets, at least this cheapskate isn’t worried.  I’m new to the whole organizing deal, so don’t burst my bubble and tell me everything should match.  Ok?

First I tackled the drawer that was a sea of serpent like phone charger wires, webcams, and other assorted chargers.  I moved all those to a plastic box and put the chargers we use the least into little baggies, so the wires don’t become like a bowl of spaghetti.

If I were really organized I might move my chapstick to the bathroom and put it in my makeup case, but I like to have a Burt’s Bees chapstick in every room.  Call me crazy.  I am.  I just hate chapped lips and I’m addicted to this stuff.

Here’s the cabinets in my kitchen island.  Pretty impressive, huh?  It might not be Martha Stewart good, but it’s a far cry from the jumble it was this morning.

I have a box for chargers, a box for extra party supplies (like ribbon, tissue paper, extra balloons, etc.), a box for for packing supplies that I use for my Fringe Vanilla (including my business cards), a box for batteries, and a box for kitchen gadgets that I only use once in a while.  Now I need labels, but one thing a time.

Is there a twelve-step program for reformed slobs?

Maybe we should start one…hmmm…God grant me patience to accept the clutter I cannot change…ya, I don’t know.  If you hear of a program, pass along the info.  I’ll try and find a sponsor.

That’s as far as my ten dollars and ambition got me.

You must check out this kitchen though.  It’s like nothing I have ever seen.  Ever!

After you look at it, you’ll be finding yourself a sponsor and signing up for twelve-step program too.

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Happy Weekend!  I can assure you, I will not be thinking of organizing this weekend, so don’t expect more pictures next week. ;-)


  1. Wow! Pretty kitchen. I can see your counters – which is a big win in my book! ;-)

  2. Wow! Looking good.:)

  3. Kitchen organization always trips me up. In all my packing, the majority of the boxes are from the kitchen. yikes!

  4. That is a gorgeous kitchen! Happy organising!

  5. Could you come over and help me organize my own kitchen – actually the whole house?

  6. So this is probably not a good time to tell you about the evils of plastic! :-)


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