My Style: Comfortable, Casual, & Colorful

Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode asked us to put together a fashion post on our style.  I thought about it, looked through my closet, and became thoroughly confused.

I know I have a style, everyone has a style, those certain items of clothing they are drawn to, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to think of a name for my style.  I know it’s Comfortable, Casual, and Colorful, but that’s about it.

maxi dress and printed jeans

I don’t like fussy clothes, the kind that require you to wear belts and Spanx.  In fact, I just don’t do Spanx.  Honestly, it’s like pouring all of my pounds into sausage casing.

You have to do a dance that combines the Hokey-Pokey and break-dancing just to squish into the things.  Who ever came up with that idea anyway?  Surely it couldn’t have been a woman.

Dresses and Jeans - Fashion

Anyhow, I draw the line at control-top pantyhose and I only wear those when absolutely necessary, which is right next to never.

So I like comfortable things.  I know that.

Striped Dress and Graphic Sweater

I think all these outfits are a pretty good representation of my style, so if you can name it, please do.

Now on to What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy.

I only have two outfit photos for you this week.  My only excuse is that things have been super busy and I have felt less than stellar; however, I do have two photos, so that’s worth something.  Right?

casual printed dress for winter

My photographer (FringeMan) obviously took a little poetic license with this super-fast clicking.  I don’t know what I was doing, but you can only assume I am warming up for some pretty stealthy karate moves.

This dress is a $10 dollar dress from Walmart.  It’s super comfortable, but showing wear.  That doesn’t stop me from throwing it on though.  The long-sleeve t-shirt is a hand me down and the leggings are GAP.  Boots are Dr. Marten Becca Engineer boots.  I get a lot of questions about these boots in real life.  They are comfortable and they do have a wide calf.

This next outfit I wore for my mother.

Hey mom!  Look familiar?

red cords and purple t-shirt


Just so you know, I’m pointing to my outfit and not my spleen.

My mom totally flipped-her-lid on me once when I was about ten years-old.  We piled into a doctor’s office and I sat down and took off my coat.  That’s when she noticed I was wearing purple corduroy pants and a red turtle neck.  She thought this a poor fashion choice, so I’ve made it my life’s mission to rock purple and red any chance I get.

And yes, mom.  I went out like this.  To The Doctors!

Pants are from Kohl’s.  I saw them on the clearance rack about a month ago and the t-shirt is from the Gap.

I’m wicked disappointed in the shirt.  The armpits turned hot pink.  I’m guessing it was some weird reaction to my deodorant, because I wasn’t even sweating.  It was like twenty degrees outside and all I was wearing was a t-shirt and my jacket.  Ya, not super happy.  I emailed the company and they told me to return it for a refund.  I’ve yet to get back to the mall.

That’s all folks!

What did you wear this week?

And better yet, tell me about your style.  Do you have a name for it?

Do you even know what your style is??  Clearly I do not.



  1. I hate the spanx too. I love that dress from the Walmarts!!!!! :) I have no style, is that a style?

  2. Love the purple and red!

  3. Your style speaks to your personality; it seems fun, unique, and confident. I love the outfit with the blazer and flower pin. It’s gorgeous and you look super chic.

    BTW, red and purple? Totally go together. ;)

  4. I think the Walmart dress looks great with those leggings.

  5. I think your style is fabulous. You pop those colors like you own them! And you’ve got just a little funkiness happening. I’d call it “classic with attitude” . :-)

  6. 1. You have a gorgeous smile. Really, it’s a kick-butt smile.
    2. My style lately has consisted of yoga pants and whatever else. is that a style? We could call it “Coping”
    3. In my dreams, I love the simple, comfy, tailored look. Clothes that have their own shape, so I don’t have to supply one. If that makes any sense at all.

  7. bahahaha!
    “My mom totally flipped-her-lid on me once when I was about ten years-old. We piled into a doctor’s office and I sat down and took off my coat. That’s when she noticed I was wearing purple corduroy pants and a red turtle neck. She thought this a poor fashion choice, so I’ve made it my life’s mission to rock purple and red any chance I get.”

    Rebel! Love it! I’ve worn mostly workout clothes this week. I’m a jeans and tshirt kind of girl, unless I’m going out with the hubby or friends, then I exchange the tshirt for something dressier. My style would probably be called “boring.” LOL :)

  8. Your style is mirthful, just like you! I’m loving the purple and red, personally. It’s like the two most royal colors splashing together.

  9. Your style is all your own and I love it. I call my style “classic casual”. It’s kinda Pacific Northwest (I lived there for many years), but I like a pop of color now & then. I love black (and charcoal and navy blue) and wear it a lot. Because I’m short and roundish, I don’t wear many patterns nor bold colors (except as accents). Everything I wear is completely comfortable so if end up on an unexpected adventure, my clothing doesn’t get in the way.

  10. Micheline says:

    I just wanted to say that my style is very similar to yours and I don’t have a name for it either. I also love your owl sweater. I’m really liking anything with owls lately. Last week, I bought a pair of rain boots in the hope that spring was close by and the boots are red with tiny little blakc and white owls on them. So cute! They would look awesome with your sweater.

  11. I think your style is perfect and it completely representative of you! I don’t know enough specific categories to name what yours might be though. About the WIWW. For me, part of the beauty of having a business where you’re able to work from home is being able to be in yoga pants or even pj’s all day so I would’t be a good candidate. When I get out, I dress. I love to dress up in fun clothes but if I’m not leaving the house, there’s very little effort and I love it! I still absolutely love the owl sweater! :)


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