New Year’s Goals

Last year I was overtaken with the need to be green, an idea that may be attributed to purchasing reusable grocery bags, but could aslo be the result of doing too many dishes in Dawn.  I’m still not sure; however, my NEW YEAR’S GREEN post remains one of my most popular.  If you’re in the mood to laugh, go read it.

It’s unfortunate that today my mattress seems to have swallowed up my funny bone along with my hip bone and right shoulder.  Seriously, if I don’t get a new mattress soon, I may be mistaken for a senior citizen.  As it is, my left hip makes squeaking noises and my right arm has lost all feeling from the elbow down.  I’m thinking about having WD-40 cocktails before bed.

As intriguing as my pinched nerves and stiff joints can be, the purpose for today’s post is to discuss the New Year.

You know, 2010!

It’s as if we were just filling our cellars with canned corn and bottles of Diet Coke, while hiding our children in the attic and preparing ourselves to shoot anyone who dared climb our porch.  At least that’s what some doomsday enthusiasts were doing during Y2K.

Me?  I was preparing to have my first baby, eating my way through every fast food restaurant in Maine, and concocting ways to keep from going into labor at work.  I simply did not trust the guy in the next cubicle to get me to the hospital.  He stole my snacks.

A full ten years has passed since the days of swollen ankles, hidden Dunkin Donuts wrappers, and the New Year’s party that had the potential of crashing every computer in our modern world.  If that had happened, I may still be writing “Dear Diary” and missing out on all your great comments.

Since I’m losing control of time and quickly approaching my mid-thirties (Yes, I just admitted my age; however, I reserve the right to tamper with my birthdate in upcoming posts.), I have big plans this year.  I don’t often make lists, because they end up in a wad at the bottom of my purse, but here goes.

1.  Write a book.

2.  Convince you to buy my book.

3.  Open a thrift store with the look and feel of an upscale boutique.

4.  Stop being grumpy, even before coffee.  Life really is too short for my mood swings.

5.  Lose 15 pounds.  What would a New Year’s list be without a weight-loss goal?

6.  Paint my staircase.

7.  Live each day without regrets.

That’s the end of my list.  There’s more of course, but if I put it in print, I’ll get overwhelmed.  Seven seemed like a good place to stop.

What about you?

What’s on your New Year’s list??

I pray it’s a happy and healthy one for you.  The best one ever.

Happy New Year!


  1. says

    A book about FringeLife, eh? Despite the fact that I don’t really know what the book would be about, I can’t help but think of possible titles…

    Living on The Fringe
    The Young and the FringeLess
    To Fringe or Not to Fringe
    Fringey Fringerson

    Okay, that was fun! Don’t forget to mention me in the credits!


  2. robinaltman says

    I would so read your book! And I wouldn’t let one person borrow it. And I’d tell you if they pirated it and sold it in China.

    I resolve to finish the movie I’m writing and lose 10 pounds. I also resolve to stop forgetting when my kids are grounded.

  3. says

    My resolutions are more like a broad to-do list. I make one list for the current year, then a 3-, 5- and 10- year goal (only 2 – 3 items on these lists).

    Big Daddy does the same thing, and we end up with the “family” goals from these lists.

    It works too. My 1st child was born in August 1997. On Jan 1, 1997, we wrote our year 2000 goals. They were:
    Find a place we like to live
    Find a church we love
    Have a second child

    Notice that we hadn’t had the first child yet, and I didn’t even know I was pregnant with the first one at the time. I found that list in 2000, after we had moved into a new house. I was pregnant with our second child and had just joined a new church.

    I know what you are thinking….we are sick people. But the goals work. It’s nice to have a map.

  4. says

    I cannot wait to hear more about the book!!!!!! and see the painted staircase. I too was expecting in 2000! only I was eating my way through Alabama.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Suzanne says

    Hi Fringegirrrrrl! Found your link at P-W’s,
    love your site, very witty, lots of fun! I’ll buy the book, for sure! But, no pressure, just let it fall into place, so you don’t lose your mind. Beaucoup de Chance! Happy New Year Everybody!

  6. says

    I’ll be holding you to that book…I know just where I’ll find it at Barnes & Nobles when it hits the stores!
    Good list and perfectly doable! I never make lists…why set myself up for failure!
    Mid thirties…hmmph! Next year I’ll have to change which box I check in the age category and I ain’t gonna like that one bit!
    Happy New Year and I pray for many blessing on you and the FringeTribe in 2010.
    P.S. When that book comes out, I’ll be expecting an autographed copy…first edition please!

  7. says

    my first visit to your blog. cute. i’m thinking i may need your wd-40 cocktail recipe. ;) great list, by the way. thrift shop with an upscale boutique feel? perfect.

  8. says

    Okay – I’d buy your book – send you purses for your boutique and… wd-40 and duct tape are one and the same on my “must have” list. Sometimes you can even wd-40 the duct tape… or use the duct tape as a wrap on sore knees, elbows and…well, i’ve never tried hips…
    maybe i’ll try that this year. LOLOL

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL and EXCITING New Year!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  9. says

    I’m not usually a New Years resolution kind of gal, so I’ll pick an easy one.
    I’d like to get my recipe box arranged in a more orderly fashion. It’s a pigsty, and there are more recipes OUT than IN the box.
    Maybe that won’t be such an easy one. How about work towards world peace?

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