Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree - White Tree with a mix of Vintage and Modern Ornaments

My Christmas Tree is admittedly a little wonky.  The beads do not help the situation any.  Let’s just say that no one will ever be asking me to join the Christmas Tour of Homes.

The other day, someone on Facebook asked to see my tree.   That led to me taking way too many pictures of our quirky ornaments, which in turn will lead to you seeing way too many pictures of my  ornaments.

I. Am. Sorry.

It’s all done in the name of holiday cheer, Christmas spirit, and Goodwill toward men.

Or maybe I just like ornament pictures.  Whatever.

Vintage and Modern Ornament Collage - Oh, Christmas TreeI’m pretty sure no one expected me to a have a perfectly decorated tree with colors and ornaments that matched.  It’s just not my thing.  Instead, we have a nice mix of vintage and fun new, modern ornaments.

I asked if my Facebook friends had theme trees and I was surprised by how many people do.  I didn’t realize it was such a big thing.

So, now I’m asking you.  Do you have a theme tree in your home?

And if you do, what’s your theme?

Colorful ornaments on a white tree - Oh Christmas TreeI love a white tree.  I think it’s even growing on my husband.  Colors pop so well against white, it’s hard to hate it.  That’s what I tell the white tree naysayers anyway.

This past weekend, I hauled the tree and all the boxes of decorations downstairs and we un-taped the tree box and pulled out my shiny white plastic tree, but there was a yellow-brown spot on it.  The kids and my mom said it smelled bad.  They think it was a mouse.

I can’t smell, so I refuse to pass judgement, especially since the closet all these boxes are kept in is in my bedroom.  If I allow my mind to wallow in the mire, I will disgust myself.  We are not going there.  No way!  Besides, neither the closet nor the box had any other signs of funk, so it’s still a bit of a mystery to me.

Regardless, we needed another tree.  Pronto.

Oh Christmas Tree - A white tree with colorful ornaments

We got the same tree and put up the lights, because although the tree is pre-lit, we need more – MORE LIGHT.

If you stare at my tree for too long, you’ll go blind.  It’s that bright.

Wrestling with the stringers of lights is my least favorite part of assembling the tree.  If there’s a right way to put on lights, I don’t know it.  Finally, we got all the lights strung only to find out they were broken.  Good grief!  It was a Christmas fail.  My mom ran to the store, got some new lights, and saved the day.  Thank you mom.

Oh Christmas Tree - Lights in the Home Office

I put the extra lights in my office and I may keep them up all year-long.  Fa, la, la, la, la.

Have you decorated?

How many trees do you put up??

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  1. says

    Um.. theme tree? There might be people who have that kind of time (or the means to pay someone), but it isn’t me. I do have a white tree like yours, though — brilliant fakey-fake glowing white, and thank goodness it’s pre-lit too! But unless I’m holding the next Cotillion, themed or even mildly coordinated trees will never be in my parlor.

  2. says

    How fun! what a great tribute to your family. I think afterall that is what the tree is all about: Family, fun, and traditions. even if it is a pagan tradition. (so I´ve been told =) )

  3. says

    You should definitely keep those office lights up all year long! I like your wonky tree. I have a white tree too…in my kitchen. I know…ridiculous.


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