On The Hoof

*** WARNING ***

If you happen to be animal rights advocate, please skip this post.  Return tomorrow!

If you are a carnivore and realize not all meat comes wrapped in cellophane, continue at your own risk.  I’ve given sufficient warning.  If you are appalled that I post such graphic pictures, just remember that it was your choice to continue reading.


Until I married FringeMan, my meat came from the refrigerated case in the grocery store.  Beyond the market, I have no idea where the meat originated and to be honest, I just didn’t care.  I’ve always liked meat, but did not have much exposure to farming or hunting pre-FringeMan.

Marriage was a shock.  Our lives were a little too reminiscent of Green Acres.  I did not touch raw meat with my bare hands, let alone skin my own food.  I’m proud to say that after years of therapy, I can touch raw meat if necessary. 

However, getting within 3 feet of THIS is simply out of the question.


I save myself emotional turmoil and leave the house when FringeMan starts butchering.  I return when the freezer is full of family size packages of meat. 


Feet are NOT allowed on the table!  Where did this deer get his manners?


He’s a caveman, not a FringeMan!  He leaves under the shadows of darkness, club in hand and returns with dead animals strapped to my car.  It’s awful!


Notice the hair stuck in dried blood on the roof of my car…disgusting.

Hunting is a primordial urge in FringeMan.  He must hunt.  He must kill.  We must eat.

He insists eating fresh meat is healthier for us.  It’s organic he says.  I’ve told him they sell organic meat in the grocery store, but he doesn’t hear.


This poor little fellow never had a chance. 

Perhaps I can us my feminine whiles to coax FringeMan into sharing his venison chili recipe with us tomorrow.  It’s goooood and spicy.

For the latest health benefits of venison, visit SnakeLover at Student of Life.

Eating Well,


  1. Castal says

    I grew up with a hunting family so the first thing I thought of at the first photo is: where’s the ziplocks?

    yes. I spent too many hours as a kid making those nice little pre-packaged meat morsels. And they were packed in Ziplocks, not cellophane, but it kept me from ever thinking that meat just magically comes packaged.

    And I loves me some Bambi chili. (Very similar to your man’s in fact.) And steaks, and hamburger, and … well… you get the point.

    For the longest time at my house, my roomate would not even touch raw meat. She might have been able to cut up a boneless-skinless chicken breast… maybe. I am proud to say that I am responsible for making her an omnivore again, and even happier to say that she is willing and happy to cut up her own darn raw meat so I don’t have to do it for her.

    Keep up the freezer fillin’!

  2. says

    Oh yuck.. I have a thing about meat too. If I look at it or have to deal with it too long I will fix it but I won’t eat it. I didn’t eat chicken or turkey (bird) for about 3 years after a bad experience. I would die if that was in my kitchen..yuck yuck

  3. Mom says

    Ah, yes. I remember those legs in the freezer too Jenn!

    I also remember when Fringeman woke me up early one Saturday morning traipsing through my living room to get to the kitchen with deer blood and guts dripping everywhere.

    When I went outside, a deer was daggling from the garage dripping it’s crimson blood on the pure white snow. Sort of reminded me of Christ’s blood making my heart pure and white again just like that snow.

  4. says

    Thank you for the warning but I am married to a recovering hunter. He hasn’t hunted in YEARS (see, there’s hope!) so I have seen plenty of lolling deer tonges.

    I tell you, we blog it ALL!

  5. says

    I tell you, if I had to go and kill something to get a hamburger I’d do it in a flash. I’m glad there are butchers for that. I grew up with my dad as a trapper (’til that killed him, oops) and then my step-dad a butcher. I think it’s nothing but healthy to wrestle a living creature to its doom. Now that doesn’t sound healthy though, does it?

  6. says

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm MEAT! I always say, “If God didn’t want us to eat it, He wouldn’t of made it SO tasty!”

    Growing up my best friends dad was a hunter and he made THE best teriyaki venison jerky ever!!!

  7. Jeannie says

    You’ve got my daughter hooked on venison cutlets…as for the hoofs, she swears up and down that Fringeman has come to our backyard and placed hoof marks all over the snow….she’s convinced that these deer tracks came from him or Fringeboy.

  8. Evergreen says

    HA HA HA!!!! I have not stopped laughing yet. I remember the first time we saw the inside of Fringeman’s freezer and there were legs in it. I thought you were going to have a cow!!!!!! And now they are in your kitchen!!! You go JOHN BOY!!!!

  9. says

    being a farm and mountain girl I am not appalled however I am always able to better stomach my food when I purchase it from the refridgerated case of the supermarket!!

  10. says

    Congrats to FringeMan for a successful hunt! Awesome!

    This gives me an idea for a blog on the nutritional value of venison. That stuff is GOOD for you! REALLY good! It’s just about the perfect food, in fact! FringeMan is right on!

    Bring on FringeMan’s venison chili recipe! I may share mine at a later date as well.

  11. says

    David and I have an agreement. He leaves and when he comes back, he tells me that he found dead animals in the field. We agree that they died of natural causes and he picked them up before they were devoured by predators. And then we reap the benefits of good meat. Venison Chili ROCKS! The fact that he plays along with me, and I don’t have to witness anything like you captured with your camera, bodes well for us. We had chicken fried venison for New Years. I think some quail might be near the end of their life span in West Texas next weekend. David will be there to pick them up and save them from the ants. Yea! Talk the FringeMan into the recipe. I’m always “game” for a new recipe! ~Mindy

  12. says

    You would think with me being a Texas girl born and raised I’d be all over this, but UGH! I don’t want to know what it was in it’s former life. C.D. is not a hunter(he only went once to sit around the campfire and pretend he was in “Blazing Saddles”), but my bil once plucked a wild turkey while we were having Thanksgiving dinner! Yee Haw! I have to admit I didn’t really look at the photos and I think I’ll just wait and come back tomorrow. EEEWWW! Debbie

  13. says

    meh I come from a family of hunters and huntresses. If it moved and had meat…we ate it. I was 16 years old before I ever had beef served in our home. And that was because there was a bad winter kill and very little wild game available that year. I can’t count how many deer, elk, moose, and buffalo I helped package from our kitchen table. It is healthy….but you’d never be able to prove it by me hehehe. Enjoy the FEAST!

  14. says

    YIKES! Did you notice the poor little “thumb” on the hoof?

    My Guys are fishermen, and they bring it home in already prepackaged dinner sized ziplocks.

    Nothing sexier than a man bringing home the hoof!

  15. says

    MMMMMM – deer sausage! Back strap! (oh sorry, am I drooling on you?).

    I feel your pain Fringe Girl, although Big Daddy is a bird hunter so I just have feathers floating in the air all the time. As for the car…..Big Daddy takes my car too, then brings it back full of blind-grass on the **inside**. He gave me car wash certificates for Christmas. He’s a smart man.

  16. says

    I’ll take the antlers and the hooves, thank you very much. You can keep the meat. I don’t like wild game, just the sweet farm animals that look at you trustingly for food and protection…until you wack ‘em on the head!

    The Texas Woman

  17. says

    I wish my family would go for being vegetarians. I’ve been working on my husband for 11 years…but still no go.

    At least you’re allowed to leave the house and not witness such barbaric things.

    But I must admit the photography is awesome. The one of the deers head with his tounge hanging out was quite a lovely shot…the sun was just right…the fur was glimmering….

    Ugghhhh….what am I talking about?? It’s a dead deer for goodness sake!

  18. says


    I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten venison. Tell him he needs to share the recipe – and some meat – with me. ;)

    My kids would never eat meat again if they saw those pics. As it is, they refuse anything that sounds cute (rabbit, lamb).

    I think they’d be vegetarians if it weren’t for the vegetable thing.

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