Ordering Eyeglasses Online

I’ve wanted to order eyeglasses online for about two years, but I’ll be honest, I was skeptical.

Will they fit?

Will I like them when they are on my face?

Will the prescription lenses be correct?

I had so many questions and it seemed risky.

Prescription Eyeglasses bought online - a review.

Recently, I made my two-year trek to the eye doctor.  He examined my eyes, flipped through a few lenses, and wrote me out a stronger prescription.

I was excited.  The world would look clearer, lines would appear sharper, colors brighter.

When you get new eyeglasses, you feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  You know the scene where she steps out of black & white and into full color?  That’s what’s it’s like to see through a pair of glasses, especially the very first time you get glasses.

It’s pretty awesome.

Eyeglasses Online  - my experience buying prescription glasses online

I had a new prescription and I figured it was the perfect time to try buying my glasses online.  Firmoo.com was kind enough to treat me to a pair of my choice.

I chose a fun pair, because if I’m going to wear glasses every day of my life, I want to love them.

Buying Eyeglasses Online:  What you Should Know

Please excuse my dorkiness.  You know I can’t help it, right?


What You Need to Know About

Online Eyeglass Shopping

Get a new prescription.

If you haven’t been to the eye doctor in the last two years, it’s time for a checkup.  As far as I know, lens prescriptions are only good for two years.

After your eye exam, you can ask your doctor for a paper prescription to take with you.  Then you are free to shop for glasses anywhere, including online.


Know Your Measurements

Frames come in different sizes, just like faces.  You need to find out what size glasses you wear.  Are they small, medium, or large?

Firmoo.com has a wonderful tutorial for measuring your lenses.  It is included when you click on each frame.  I definitely recommend reading through it, but basically, you can measure a frame you already have in order to determine the width of the glasses.  Then, your prescription will come with a number that reads something like P.D. Dist.

That’s the width between your eyes, from pupil to pupil.  Mine is 62.  I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but I used that number to ensure my new frames would fit.

For each size frame, S, M, and L, there will be a numerical range.  Be sure your P.D. Dist. falls within that range.

Oline Eyeglasses - How to Order Them and A Review


Upload Photos

One of the coolest things about shopping for eyeglasses online, is that Firmoo.com allows you to upload photos of yourself, so you can try the frames on.

I uploaded three pictures of myself without glasses, all in slightly different positions.  I wanted to make sure I was getting a pair of frames that I would love.

I think I tried on every pair of frames Firmoo.com sells, and it’s a lot!  I fell in love with so many, but in the end I chose this pair of blue and tortoise color frames.  I love them!


Enter Your Prescription

The last thing you need to do is to choose your lenses.  There are usually a few varieties of lenses (tinted, etc.).  Then you enter your prescription.

It’s not complicated at all.  It’s really just copying the numbers from your prescription and plugging them into the right place.  The online instructions are clear and succinct.  You can even scan your prescription and upload it.

Ordering Prescription Eyeglasses Online:  My Review and Instructions


My Review

I LOVE my glasses from Firmoo.com.

The lenses are identical to the ones I bought at the eye doctors.  I notice no difference in my vision or the clearness of the lenses.  I would say they are of equal quality.

The frames are so much more fun than the boring eyeglasses my insurance covers.  I always feel like I have far too few choices in my eye doctor’s office.

Firmoo.com offers fun and unique frames that flatter your face and showcase your personality.  They really do have something for everyone.  The choices in frames is excellent and again, I think the quality is comparable to the frames I just bought at my eye doctor’s office.

The only difference is that when you purchase frames in person, they fit them behind your ears.  You don’t have that option when buying online.

I rather not have my glasses fitted.  When they are fitted, they often end up looking crooked and hurting my head.  I hate have anything tight behind my ears.  That’s why I never wear headbands.  For me, it’s a benefit not to have my glasses fitted behind my ears.

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to buying frames at a local shop.  I will most definitely be ordering my glasses online.  In fact, I already have my eye on this cute pink and tortoise pair from Firmoo.

And if you have kids, this is the way to go!  My son breaks at least three pairs of glasses a year.  I know!  It’s crazy.  I can order four pairs online for every one pair I buy on sale, in person.

Firmoo.com won my heart.  They have two-thumbs up from me and two clear eyes looking at another pair of fun frames.

If you need new glasses, go now!  Check out Firmoo.com.  I know you’ll fall in love just like I did.

Shopping for EyeGlasses Online - Tips and Tricks


Now, here’s the really cool part!

Firmoo.com is offering a $30 voucher code, to be used towards a new pair of glasses from Firmoo.com, to the first FIVE people who leave a comment saying they want the $30 dollars. 

Now, if you want to get the deal, tell me you want it.  If you just leave a comment saying “cute glasses”, you’re out of luck.  So, if you don’t want new glasses, you can comment, just don’t indicated you want the $30 voucher code.

Got it!

Now go check out Firmoo.com and get yourself some new glasses.


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    I really liked studying your weblog site. It was very well written and simple to undertand. Compared with extra weblogs I have study which are really not tht excellent. I also discovered your records very exciting. Actually after studying, I had to go display it to my buddy and he ejoyed it as well!

  2. kawberyphot@gmail.com says

    I soooo love your glasses. I like the $30.00 voucher idea too. Could it to shop for new glasses as cute as yours.Been wanting to shop online for some but a little uneasy about it. You just made it all easier.

  3. Lori reeves says

    Also check out http://www.MarvelOptics.com, they have fashionable eyeglasses and sunglasses for really affordable prices. They always have sales going on, just tweet them or ask them and you might get lucky. I got my pair from them and i love it.

  4. says

    Those are adorable glasses. I don’t wear them, but when I do (and I feel it will be sooner rather than later), I am getting a fun pair too. Who wants boring! Love this post too. Great for my son in case he needs another pair.

  5. mkke says

    I order my glasses online and have found that Target optical is happy to adjust them for me. I am upfront and tell them that I didn’t buy them there and offer to pay, but they never charge me.

  6. Kristin says

    I love the frames you chose!
    I had LASIK 5 years ago and kind of miss glasses as an accessory. I know that’s dumb. I’m so thankful I can SEE.
    Now I’m 8 years in to wearing reading glasses and it’s time to move from drugstore to real glasses. It’s a bummer the online places don’t offer what I need for that.

    BUT seriously love the glasses you got.

  7. says

    I know this sounds bad, probably, but I’ve always wished for eye trouble just so I could wear glasses. I think they are so dang cute. And the ones you got? To die for. You look HOT!

  8. Brenda Galatian says

    I’d love to try this place! I haven’t had new frames for about 5 years. Your frames are very cool, by the way.

    • says

      Sorry, my phone was acting up and didn’t want to leave the keyboard up so I could type!!! Anyway, I was saying that it’s time for new glasses…it’s been at least two years. :)

  9. Cherie says

    Your glasses are super cute! I could use the $30 voucher. Haven’t had new glassss in 4 years. I’m due for a checkup and new lenses! :)

  10. Melissa Ealum says

    $30 would be great! & I too have been wanting to try the online options out…Thanks for the insight!

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