My tagline says “making life extraordinary”, but no amount of fancy words can make today extraordinary.  In fact, it’s feels EXTRA ordinary.

Early Morning Emails from Teachers –  No Coffee –  Too Little Sleep –  Lost Homework – Alarm Clocks that Didn’t Ring

Some days the ordinary is absolutely overwhelming

It makes me want to run from my house and buy the first ticket to anywhere that has sandy beaches and sunshine.

Then I remember, this is what life is made of.

I don’t want to escape from it or wish it away, but dare I admit, some days I want to gloss it over and make it look pretty from the outside, to pretend, even if just for a few moments.

messy living room

Over here on the Fringe, it’s just four very ordinary people living one day at a time.  I suspect it looks pretty much the same in your house.

Only some days I get stuck in the little things.  My focus is blurred, like I’m not wearing my glasses.  I stop seeing things for what they really are.  My mind defaults to worst case scenario and I wallow in the daily instead of living that abundant life, instead of making the little moments extraordinary.

It’s still early here in New York, but today began in the wallowing.

After reading my email, my blood pressure reached my eyebrows and then a burning log fell out of the woodstove, filling my entire house with smoke. I opened the doors to air things out a bit and paced back and forth.

Chinese style painting by child

That’s when I saw it – my little piece of extraordinary in a terribly ordinary morning.

My son painted me a picture yesterday, a piece that makes every moment of ordinary worth it.


I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker in Five Minute Friday.
Five Minute Friday
Today we are writing about Ordinary.


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    I used to be suspicious of my kids when I found something sentimental at a time like this…haha. I love the painting. You should frame it!

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