Personal Goals for 2014

I pretty much fell off the face of blogland.

What’s that?  You didn’t notice?

I didn’t think so.

Since I’m quite proficient at waiting until the last-minute, the days leading up to Christmas were pretty busy, not necessarily exciting or productive, just busy.  I messed up a batch of cinnamon rolls and then spent Christmas Eve day in the laundromat with my daughter.  My husband came down with a nasty stomach virus in the week leading up to Christmas and I spent Christmas Eve decontaminating my bedroom.  I bonded with the laundromat people and ate french fries.

Laundromat People

I know,  you wish you lived my charmed life.

Laundry is my Life - true story

Since then it’s been a flurry of calorie laden food and family celebrations.  Throw in a little sledding (or “sliding” as Mainers say) and late morning sleeping and we can officially call this holiday a success.  My second batch of cinnamon rolls even came out perfectly.  And, my daughter turned twelve.


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know we celebrated with creepy owl cupcakes, a super-cool cake (if I do say so myself), and some giant slices of pizza.

The banner makes it look like a couple of race cars should be driving across the frosting, but every birthday needs a little ugly.  That’s what I’ve been telling my kids for years.  It’s called brainwashing and it works.

Rainbow Birthday Cake


It was all a little too quick though.  I mean, we started seeing Christmas decorations right after the 4th of July and my kids have been making their lists since at least September.  There’s a whole lot of leading up to Christmas and then it’s over in just twenty-four hours.

The tree is still up, but no one wants to plug it in anymore.

It’s on to a whole new year – 2014.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling the weight of responsibility this year and I’m only sixteen hours in, day one.

I wrote all about my blogging goals last month.  I didn’t procrastinate on those, but my personal goals have had me thinking a little while longer.

Personal Goals 2014

  • Read at least one book a month.  Today I decided to follow along with the book club at A Beautiful Mess.  I’m pretty sure I’ll read some books I may not have read if I were making the selections and that’s good.  I hope to read more than twelve books this year, but this will be my start.
  • Exercise consistently.  I exercise all year long, but there are gaping holes in my routines.  I’ll go all out for three months and not even stretch one muscle in month four.  Then I spend an entire month feeling lazy and like a fresh batch of sludge.  That’s not good a feeling my friends.
  • Make a friend.  I sound like I’m in second grade, but I’m serious about this goal.  There are all kinds of friends – those few who have known me my entire life.  We can go four months without talking and that’s ok.  They’ll always be there; they’ll always get me.  They know me.  It’s awesome.  Then there are the friends who are far away and the people you see on a regular basis and share an occasional meal with, but I’m looking for a local friend that’s gets me, like Ethel got Lucy.  You know?  Those friends are a rare gift.
  • Become a better housekeeper.  Since I’m not independently wealthy and I can’t hire an Alice (although I’d give blood for an Alice), I need a better system at home.  Or, maybe I just need a system.  Don’t get me wrong, my house is usually reasonably clean, but there are pile-ups.  I need to be better at motivating each person in my house to be responsible for him or herself.  Then I need to work harder on keeping order.

Order in the home.  It shall be my mantra.

  • Learn to do something new.  I don’t know what.  Yet.  I like to learn though and it’s good for me to learn, so this year I will learn to do something new.
  • Redo my bedroom, completely.  I have plans, so stay tuned.

That’s it for now.  It feels like enough.  In fact, it almost feels like too much in light of my other goals, but I want to live well.  We only get one chance at this life and I want to use all of my chance, not just part of it.

God has blessed me immensely in 2013.  I’m so thankful for my little family and I know that sounds cheesy and over-played, but it’s true.  My husband works really, really hard and goes out of his way for us.  He shows his love in so many little ways.  My kids are funny and sweet and easy to please.  They also like to laugh, eat junk food, and give big hugs.  They are keepers.  The junk food, not so much.

Flower break

What about you?

Have you made plans for this new year?

Did you pick a word instead of making resolutions or setting goals?

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  1. says

    Let me suggest knitting for your new thing… It’s become an obsession! An endless supply of new things to learn, and you get cool things when you’re done.

  2. says

    Happy New Year! Great list. I haven’t done a list, but can I be your Ethel? So cute. I often feel the same way. My verse for the new year is Gal.5:22-23 I need more fruit.

  3. says

    Tricia – yes and yes. If you lived just one state closer, I’d so be your Ethel. Or Lucy. Whichevs. 😉 I love the cake. And brainwashing is a noble parenting endeavor. True story. I’m actually eschewing One Word this year in favor of some concrete goal-setting (and, more importantly, the follow-through.). Happy 2014 to you, sweet friend!

  4. says

    Oh! We had the stomach bug and it was horrendous. God bless your husband! Have loved following your crafty, mama adventures in 2013 and excited to see what 2014 has in store for you! Happiest of New Years to you & The Fringe Fam!

  5. says

    Happy New Year! I think you’ve got a great set of goals, especially the friend one. It’s so easy for kids to make friends, but not so much for adults. It’s definitely something that takes deliberate effort for me. Coming out of my shell is borderline torture for this introvert. I admire your bravery! Best wishes for a blessed 2014!

    • says

      Jess, you’re right. It suddenly gets more difficult to make friend when you get older. I’m really not brave in the least, but I am trying to open up more and step out of comfort zone. We’ll see how that goes. 😉

      Happy 2014 to your and your family.

  6. says

    Great goals. We still have our tree up but have decided to not plug it in or to even open the blinds/curtains. That will be my project for this weekend. I’ve given up on exercise a long time ago. I’ll walk occasionally but that’s about it. Friends – I’m glad you said it but I feel you. I want a local friend that gets me :) but it’s so hard to find new friends. Happy New Year and good luck on all your resolutions!!!

  7. says

    That cake does look pretty awesome. I fell off the blogosphere for four months, so I guess you can be forgiven for a few weeks. Sounds like you’ve got a lot planned for 2014. I wish you luck. Right now I’ll be happy if I can get unpacked in the next 365 days. Happy New Year!

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