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Summer Series – Day Five

Summer Faith

Wow.  This has been a really excellent Summer Series, hasn’t it?  I’ll kinda feel bad when it’s all over and you’re stuck with me again.  I hope you’ve been as encouraged, inspired, challenged, and motivated as I have been.  I really appreciate each of my guests.  They’ve gone the extra mile for us and that makes me want to pass it on.

Today I’d like to welcome Megan from Faith Like Mustard.  I’m generally not a fan of Mustard, but I love Megan’s blog.  I haven’t known her long in blog time, but I feel a kindred spirit with her.  She’s also a pastor’s wife and she talks a lot about faith on her blog.  While my blog is a different kind of crazy every day, hers is more focused.  She knows what she wants to say and it’s always a blessing.  Today is no exception.

Read on and be encouraged on this hazy, HOT, and humid summer day.

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Summer is the perfect time for picnics. The thought of spreading an old quilt over a patch of soft, green grass, and gorging on the finest summertime delicacies while tiny birds serenade from the treetops makes me squeal with glee. Throw in a cute little old-fashioned picnic basket and I may faint with giddiness.

The funny thing about picnics is, they don’t always match the ideal picture in our minds: the grass is dry and crunchy, there are ants in the potato salad and you’re too busy sopping up armpit sweat to eat anyway.

Similarly, we often conjure up an image of what the Christian life will be like—all smiles and potluck fellowships—only to find that we have our fair share of heartbreaks, disappointments, and times when we feel so alone, that we can only wonder if God has abandoned us.

He hasn’t.

C.S. Lewis, a much smarter guy than I will ever be, nailed it with this quote:

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” ~from “The Problem of Pain

So, be encouraged. Your ice cream may be melted, but you can always stick a straw in it and call it a milkshake! Even if your picnicking conditions aren’t ideal, at least take comfort in knowing that you’re not dining alone. God will never leave you nor forsake you. That’s a pinkie-promise.

Megan blogs at Faith Like Mustard. When she’s not watering her mustard seed-sized faith, she is busy being a mama to two girls, loving on The Husband (who happens to be a Preacher Man), teaching teens how to love literature, eating chocolate, avoiding the laundry and reading a pile of good books….but not usually at the same time.


What a great promise to bring into this weekend!

Fiction Friday will return next week at its normally scheduled time, but really, is anything normally scheduled on this blog?

Be back tomorrow for Summer Simple!

Happy Friday.


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    C.S. Lewis might have nailed it, but Megan…you drove it on in. I could get used to milkshakes knowing there is a bowl of Blue Bell with my name on it waiting just around a cloud.


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